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We are so sure that our products are ready to be loved and used that if your item is not useful or doesn’t spark joy to you: we reimburse it or cancel your invoice! Write an email at noellie@mojoboutique.com. We will get back to you in 48 hours with easy instructions on how to return your order free of charge. For environmental reasons, simply make sure to keep the box.

No minimum order is applied and no minimum amount either. We believe that a minimum order amount may lead to over-consumption, which is contrary to our philosophy. It is essential that you like and fully enjoy each item ordered.

Delivery of your order is between 1 and 3 working days, except:

> for larger furniture: delivery between 3 days and 2 weeks max. We take an appointment with you and find a day that suits you. There is no need to assemble anything, we do it for you. Our prices are all included.

> “pre-order” items are available up to 3 weeks in advance. We only create small series, don’t miss the opportunity to reserve your favorite item!?

Delivery dates are always noted on each product page.

We offer shipping costs, and all applicable taxes are already included in our prices, no additional fees are added.

Most Mojo Boutique products come from Indonesia and are mostly exclusive Mojo Boutique creations made using ancestral techniques. With this selection, we highlight the beauty of natural materials for a harmonious interior. Nature and its preservation are at the heart of the concerns of Mojo Boutique, each item coming to you are offset in 100% CO2, and for each order, a tree in Indonesia is planted.

Once we send the package, you will receive an email with a link to check the status of your package at any time. You also see the exact time when delivery is scheduled. If you have ordered larger items, we will get in touch with you to find a suitable appointment for you in the next 2 coming weeks.

Visible damage from the outside must be reported immediately after receiving the shipment.

Damage not visible from the outside, or if delivery has been filed, a written claim within five calendar days must be made. Please document the damage as follows: Photograph the damaged product’s packaging inside and out, as well as the damaged product. Then send us an email with the photos to noellie@mojoboutique.com.

Our general return policy is at the following link.

In the email link that you will receive confirming the shipment of your product you can easily customize the delivery and have 4 choices:

1. Pick up at a drop-off point in more than 350 stores across Switzerland, put your postal number at the following link, to see the nearest relay point: https://www.dpd.com/ch/ parcelshops / show

2. Allow a neighbor to receive your package

3. Change the delivery day

4. Allow your package to be dropped in front of your door

We ship most of our items with DPD. They have a network of over 350 parcel shops in Switzerland. Find the nearest one here: https://www.dpd.com/ch/parcelshops/show

If you have not changed the mode of receipt of your package (see question above) and you are not at home, we try a second time. After two attempts, we deposit your parcel in the relay point closest to you. If the package is not collected within seven working days, it will be returned to us. Please note that if the item is returned to us because it was not picked-up and the date of receipt not changed through the link sent in the order confirmation, the article still has to be paid by invoice..

> Transparency: we know precisely where the eco-friendly or recycled materials we use come from, and we know the people who produce for us. Most of the time, families of farmers or small family businesses. We do not work with huge factories having questionable work ethics, and we do not use chemical processes in creation.

> Short series: with the production in small series, we avoid overproduction. Thus, we avoid having surplus items that must be destroyed after their manufacture and transport.

> A fair price: we ensure that all the items sold on the Mojo Boutique website have been created under the best conditions for artisans, that the natural materials are from sustainable resources and that the average net margin of Mojo Boutique does not exceed 3%. We guarantee for each item the best possible price without compromising on ethical and ecological values.

> Unique order conditions: the shipping costs of your order are offered, with 100% CO2 compensation, you never wait more than 3 days and for massive items, we contact you for a suitable appointment in the next 2 weeks, and we provide ecological packaging with a cardboard size proportional to the order and without sagex. In addition to that for each placed order, we plant a tree in Indonesia.

> A philosophy: not a web shop but an online Boutique, our goal is not to offer more and more but better and better for mindful shoppers rejecting what is artificial and seeking more authenticity and harmony in their life.

Payments made on mojoboutique.ch are 100% save thanks to our collaboration with Stripe for all credit card payment processing. Stripe is a leading company in the field of credit card payment processing and guarantees the safety of your data. Stripe has all the necessary certificates and licences, amongst them PCI DSS Level 1 certification, conformity with PSD 2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in the EU and is a licensed “money transmitter” in the USA. All card numbers are encrypted using AES 256. Transmission and recording of credit card data takes place on a completely separate and dedicated infrastructure. More about payment safety directly on stripe’s homepage: https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe

Mojo Boutique AG is a Swiss company registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zürich with the following number: CHE-440.148.438

We are Noëllie and Oliver Scherrer, a Zuricher and a Lausanneer, followers of the art of simplicity in our home, nature lover, and the most beautiful it can offer.

We founded Mojo Boutique AG after several years of living in Indonesia. Speaking Indonesian, we met artisans. We have built relationships with them and have been impressed by the way they use and recycle natural materials for sustainable use. The selections are mostly creations designed by Mojo Boutique and resulting from a collaboration, mixing unique know-how and the boho-minimalist style of Mojo Boutique.

“Inspiring the Magic of Simple Living” is the ultimate goal of Mojo Boutique, the products we offer are the reflection of mainly three books:

> L’art de la simplicité, Dominique Loreau

> The Life Changing Magic of tiddying-up, Marie Kondo

> Ikigai, Hector Garcia, Albert Liebermann

Do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: noellie@mojoboutique.com. We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

No, we guarantee that our products do not contain Formaldehydes and therefore do not need to air them for several weeks and can thus all be used in children’s rooms. It is precisely after having been consumers of large brands using formaldehyde in their products and knowing the now proven danger of Formaldehydes, that Mojo Boutique wanted to offer indoor items that do not contain any.