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Entryway Furniture

Your home’s entrance is the gate to your sanctuary. The furniture you place in your entryway has the power to create a comforting, elegant and embracing atmosphere. 

At Mojo Boutique, we understand the power of placing furniture in the entrance of your home and so we have created a beautifully welcoming collection of entryway furniture that is bound to have you in total awe every time you step through the door!

Each item in our collection adopts the timeless and functional art of purist design, while captivating the organic essence of mother nature. 

Our spectacular team of artisans apply their expertise of ancient crafting traditions, such as the sacred practice of handweaving, to fortify every piece, ensuring you receive a precious and robust item which will serve your home for many lifetimes.

How We Ensure Our Entryway Furniture Is Sustainable

Sustainability is engraved into Mojo Boutique, which is why all our pieces are crafted responsibly and ethically. We take several measures to ensure our entryway furniture is sustainable. 

Every item we sell is purposefully built to ensure longevity, which is why your purchase is a lifelong investment. Because our pieces are built-to-last, we reject short-lived trends and have designed every item in our collection to be timeless. 

This ensures our furniture will never go out of fashion and that you will never get bored of your beautiful new edition. By creating strong pieces which embody a timeless aesthetic, your money is saved as you won’t need to re-purchase a new item in the future. 

To ensure our craftspeople can channel all of their positive energy, time and care into your special piece, all of our entryway furniture is made-to-order. This additionally reduces waste during production and enables our team to maintain a steady and fair workflow, unlike mass produced furniture companies who overwork employees in harsh conditions. 

The materials we use to craft our items is sourced responsibly, such as our upcycled teakwood and our consciously grown and harvested rattan and bamboo. We also use plastic-free packaging materials when shipping our items to your home, to further positively contribute toward zero-waste. 

How Our Entryway Furniture Benefit Can Your Home

Our entryway furniture presents a multitude of benefits that will undoubtedly uplift your home. Because our entire collection is crafted using Mother Nature’s most robust offerings, our pieces will invite the organic serenity found throughout our natural planet. 

Every item is crafted to preserve the magical characteristics of these materials, such as the rustic texture of wood and the soft glow of rattan, to create an organically soothing entrance to your haven, pouring in an abundance of positivity that will reconnect you to nature. 

Aside from the effortless beauty emanating from our designs, items from our collection also offer effective storage solutions. This enables you to gracefully decorate your entrance while simultaneously decluttering your home’s space. 

How You Can Adorn Your Entryway With Our Furniture

Our collection of entryway furniture offers a diverse variety of purposes. Whether you wish to store your shoes, show off your prized possessions, house your plants or simply wish to fill some empty space, our pieces can cater to all kinds of needs.

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about whether our furniture will suit your home’s aesthetic as each item is designed to accentuate the naturally neutral tones and textures of the materials used to craft them, to ensure that your purchase will perfectly adorn your entryway and complement your existing interior. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Furniture Should I Have In My Hallway?

There are many items which are a perfect fit for entryway spaces. Depending on your interior desires and how much available space you have, you may choose to place furniture such as a shoe cabinet, shelving unit, console table, bench, accent chair or a dresser.

How Do I Make My Entryway Look Luxurious?

Adding small ornamental pieces, such as plant pots, photo frames and mirrors, are perfect for subtly enhancing the elegance of your entryway. You may additionally choose to add texture by introducing a runner rug or cushions for your accent chair. 

How do you build a welcoming entryway?

The most effective way of ensuring your entryway is welcoming, is by encouraging light. Choosing warm-toned furnishings, neutral wallpaper or paint and maintaining enough space are fantastic ways of creating an inviting and comforting entrance to your home. 


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