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Surrendering to your sanctuary by lounging around encourages your mind to release any negative or intrusive thoughts, enabling you to relax and reset your soul. Ensuring your living room is equipped with the essential furniture needed to unwind will help you to fully soak up these sacred moments of relaxation. 

Coffee tables are among the most important items to have in your lounge space. They facilitate the functionality of your home by providing an ergonomic storage solution that’s ideal for placing your favorite photos, beverages, candles, magazines, and so forth. 

At Mojo Boutique, we have an assortment of dazzling coffee tables with a boho twist, that are bound to add charm and elegance to your living room. If you are seeking a natural and sustainable coffee table for your abode, we warmly encourage you to explore our selection of handcrafted rattan coffee tables. 

Why We Use Rattan To Make Our Stunning Coffee Tables 

We love designing coffee tables with rattan because it’s a stylistically versatile and timelessly beautiful material which can be handwoven to create entrancing patterns and playful textures that make exceptional editions to any existing interior. 

Rattan also presents a richly saturated earthy-yellow tone which works well with practically any colors, particularly khaki/green, brown, beige, and white. Because rattan displays a naturally rustic and bohemian aesthetic, it can make an alluring centerpiece to your living room.

Aside from its naturally stunning appearance, rattan is also among the most sustainable materials to grow and harvest. Because rattan is a woody climbing plant, known as a liana, it grows impressively fast. In just two years this material can reach its full size and be harvested for use, making it highly renewable. 

Rattan is additionally extremely light and can be easily transported and shaped. To ensure we adhere to our code of sustainable ethics, we ensure rattan stems are not cut prematurely during harvesting, so that they can re-sprout and be harvested again in the future. 

Although rattan is a lightweight material it is deceitfully robust, and can reliably withstand prolonged use both indoors and outdoors. This makes rattan perfect for crafting coffee tables as these furniture pieces are often used on a daily basis. 

How To Achieve a Boho Aesthetic With Your Rattan Coffee Table

There are many ways you can achieve an authentic boho aesthetic with your rattan coffee table. To subtly uplift the bohemian vibe in your home, you can add some additional accents to your table, such as our boho photo frames, plant stands, and candleholders.  

If you are looking for larger pieces to accompany your rattan coffee table, you could add one or two of our chic lounge chairs to create a harmoniously boho environment. 


Should My Coffee Table Be a Different Color To My Sofa?

The colors you choose to incorporate into your lounge area is entirely down to your personal preference. There is no rule declaring your coffee table must match the color of your sofa, or vice-versa. To add dimension and additional character to your home, it is actually recommended to mix and match tones and colors. 

Because our selection of rattan coffee tables comprise organic, neutral tones, they will gracefully accompany any existing color scheme in your home. 

How Long Should a Coffee Table Be Compared to a Sofa?

Having a coffee table that’s too long or two short can make your living room appear unbalanced. To ensure your coffee table doesn’t look out of place, we recommend measuring your sofa and checking the size of the coffee table you are considering is around two-thirds the length of your sofa. 

What Shape is Best for a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes which work well with different seating configurations and room sizes. Oval or circular coffee tables are popular options because they take up less space than rectangular silhouettes and even create an illusion of openness. 

Rounded coffee tables are also popular among parents with little ones, because they lack sharp corners which otherwise present a hazard to children.


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