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Children's Room Furniture

Introducing your children to their very own furniture is an exciting step for both parents and youngsters. Incorporating size-appropriate furniture into your child’s sanctuary will pave the way for important life skills and healthy learning experiences including independence, creativity, sibling bonding and serenity. 

Our charming collection of children’s room furniture incorporates contemporary ergonomic design to ensure your bundle of joy has all they need to comfortably learn, develop, play and unwind. Explore our entire range to create the ultimate personalized space for your child, which is as unique as they are!

How We Ensure Our Children’s Room Furniture Is Sustainable

Each item at Mojo Boutique is both ethically and consciously crafted. We locally source organically grown and upcycled materials from the spectacular verdant landscapes of Indonesia and work directly alongside a gifted team of expert crafters, ensuring that fair treatment and transparency is upheld during every stage of production. 

We additionally reject common practices seen throughout the mass-produced furniture industry as such trends have extremely negative impacts on both our Earth and local artisans. 

Unlike many mainstream companies, our children’s furniture pieces are slowly crafted on a made-to-order basis. This enables our team to pour all their love and positive energy into your little one’s item, while reducing waste during production. Because our artisans work meticulously on one item at a time, you can be certain that your order will be flawlessly constructed, ensuring longevity.

Because our children’s furniture range is built-to-last, we additionally reject short-lived interior trends. We design our pieces to be timeless, incorporating the simplistic aesthetic of purism, and quirky rustic charm of bohemian design. This means our pieces will never go out of fashion, so you can pass them down to your younger children once your eldest has outgrown them!

How Safe is Our Natural Children’s Room Furniture?

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment for your child, which is why we refrain from using any harmful materials and substances when crafting our collection of children’s room furniture. 

Common materials used to create our collection include sustainably grown and harvested bamboo and rattan. Both of these materials are entirely natural, organic and safe to use for all ages. Both bamboo and rattan are additionally among the most robust materials found in nature, which can withstand all kinds of activities, including playtime.

During the final stage of production, we avoid using volatile chemicals, such as formaldehyde and resin, at all costs. This is because such substances can contaminate the purity of your home’s environment over time, releasing harmful toxins which present a range of serious health risks to your family. Instead, we polish off our pieces with unrefined coconut oil, which creates a warming natural glow. 

Why Should Your Little One Have Their Own Furniture? 

There are many benefits that come with providing your children with their own furniture. The most prominent benefit of this is a sense of personal space. 

Gifting your youngsters with furniture of their own paves the way for independence, encouraging them to engage in activities, such as homework, snack-time and playtime alone. Children’s furniture can also be an exceptional learning tool for children transitioning out of toddlerhood, enabling them to familiarize with items which are engraved into everyday life. 

All of our children’s furniture items are specifically designed to be size-appropriate and robust so that your little one’s can comfortably enjoy a cohesive and functional space.


What Furniture Should Be In Children's Bedrooms?

When furnishing your child’s bedroom, we recommend including a bed, closet/drawers, desk, shelves and a storage chest for toys. This will provide your child with everything they need to comfortably enjoy their own special space, while effectively decluttering. 

What Wood is Safe for Kids' Furniture?

There are many types of wood which is deemed safe for children’s furniture. At Mojo Boutique we craft our items using upcycled teak wood and salvaged driftwood. We also use other safe materials such as bamboo and rattan. 

How Do I Protect My Kids' Furniture?

There are several effective ways to protect and child-proof your little one’s furniture. Using slipcovers and washable tablecloths are a fantastic way of preventing damage to their furniture. 

What age should I give my children furniture?

Every child is different, which is why there is no definitive age you must give your youngster furniture. In many instances, parents will begin introducing furniture items to their toddler’s once they begin walking. As your child further develops, you can start giving them more advanced items, such as desks. 


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