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Handcrafted Lamps

Nothing stirs attention to your interior design like unique handcrafted items. Our stunning wooden lamps can add artistic detailing to any room and create a warm sense of natural elegance. Soft lighting is essential for establishing a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your space. Our airy, handwoven products will provide a delicate and personal touch to your interior.

How To Decorate Your Interior With Natural Lamps

Natural lamps can accentuate your furniture and create a peaceful mood in your chosen space. Design an idyllic environment and add a touch of Boho decor using our handmade lampshades, professionally crafted from sustainable materials. Express your unique personal style with our one-of-a-kind products and revitalize your home decor with our selection of masterfully crafted upcycled lamps.

Lamps can bring a touch of modernity and elegance to a room. Invest in a bespoke lamp to promote a soothing atmosphere in your living room or workspace while adding a gorgeous art piece to your interior. Switch up the mood by enhancing your natural lamp with dimmable light bulbs and change the brightness of the room to suit the occasion.

Our natural rattan-style lamps found online foster a cozy appeal compared to cheaply made plastic alternatives. We carefully design and craft each product with high-quality, endurable materials to provide artful pieces that last a lifetime. Our eco-friendly lamps are made from recycled resources, giving each piece a unique history. 

How Do Our Wooden Lamps Affect Lighting In Your Room?

Lighting can easily affect the atmosphere of your space. Clever lighting can bring your interior design to life and have positive benefits for your mental well-being. Finish your space by adding natural features to your lighting with exquisite rattan-style lampshades. You can find a sustainable solution to your lighting needs by purchasing one of our delightful handwoven lamps made from naturally sourced materials.

You can enhance different emotions by cleverly applying lighting to your space. Bright light creates a sense of awareness and energy, while warm light encourages relaxation. Your office lighting may benefit from a bulb that emits a bright light for moments that require higher concentration. A bulb that emits a soft, gentle glow is better suited to rest and relaxation areas.

Natural lamps are the ideal lighting solution for any space in your home. Their neutral colors, long lifespan, and elegant features ensure to fit with your wall decor and create a refined look for any room. Place our lamps on your table, desk, or shelf to incorporate stunning natural elements seamlessly into your home.


What Feelings Can Lighting Bring To A Room?

You may find that a well-lit room can improve your frame of mind and energy levels compared to constantly dwelling in dark surroundings. Our light handmade desk lamps, paired with adjustable bulbs, are an excellent way of creating an airy atmosphere for better peace of mind.

Are Lamps Important?

Lamps are a crucial part of furnishing when trying to create a personalized atmosphere. Adjust your space with beautiful handmade lampshades to add modern elegance to your bedroom, living room, or dining room and create a warm, inviting ambiance.

What Lighting Is Best For The Living Room?

Opting for a warm light will aid comfort and relaxation in your living area in comparison to harsher, bright lights that increase energy levels and prevent a true feeling of calm. Natural wooden lampshades are the best fit for living room areas, offering peaceful tranquility with soft lighting.


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