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Mirrors add a unique element of design to your home and can be used in many ways to enhance your existing decor. Mirrors are excellent at reflecting natural light around your room and creating the illusion of a larger space. Our selection of natural handmade mirrors fits perfectly with vintage farmhouse decor, or choose one of our rattan wall mirrors to add to your Boho-chic aesthetics. 

Each mirror has been expertly crafted by hand by our passionate artisans using eco-friendly materials. Our team works hard on each item to deliver outstanding quality and detail, making your furniture unique art pieces that can be shown off proudly in your home. Unlike mass-produced items that have no flair or originality, our bespoke mirrors create a sense of individuality and grandeur with a quality that is sustainable and will last for years to come.  

Where Should Decorative Rattan Mirrors Be Placed?

You can add a stunning natural element to your wall space with our handcrafted mirrors. These wooden mirrors have a neutral warmth that adds an elegant charm to any room, and look gorgeous, hung up or leaned against a wall. The light, airy feel of our mirrors complements the timeless aesthetics of vintage and Bohemian styles. The natural wooden textures in each mirror accentuate the relaxed and effortless approach to interior design and are well-suited for a bright, spacious atmosphere. 

Our handmade mirrors are practical and versatile, while also being visually stunning. Place our full-length natural mirrors in the bedroom for a light, dreamy addition to your interior that brightens and enlarges the space. Alternatively, you could hang our compelling wall mirrors in the lounge or dining room to add a delicate vintage touch to your home decor. These upcycled mirrors can enhance the interior of any room you put them in and bring their own unique charm that is sure to make a statement. 

How Do You Use Natural Mirrors To Brighten A Room?

Dwelling in light surroundings is not only visually appealing but has a multitude of benefits for your physical and mental well-being. Exposure to natural light can boost serotonin levels in your brain and leave you feeling elevated, energized, and hopeful. Lighting has a profound effect on your mental health, with natural lighting proving to ease anxiety and depression. Constantly surrounding yourself in darkness, however, can have the opposite effect, making you feel hopeless, lethargic, and agitated. 

Your choice of furniture can do a lot to improve the lighting in your home. If you are not blessed with a house that has plentiful access to natural light, you may struggle to make your interior warm and inviting. Using our handcrafted rattan mirrors is an excellent way to enhance natural light around your home, brightening up your room, and, by extension, your mood! Harness daylight by placing your personalized mirror opposite or next to a window. Large floor mirrors are superb for this purpose and can allow vast amounts of light to enter your home.

The reflective power of your mirror will make your room appear lighter and more spacious. The delicate, recycled wooden design of our personalized mirrors enhances the healing qualities of an airy, well-lit room, giving a vibrant, natural feeling to your interior. 


Do Mirrors Make Rooms Look Bigger?

Yes! Mirrors are a fantastic way of making your space seem bigger, brighter, and more inviting! Enhance your small room by placing a large floor-length mirror in the corner to create the illusion of an expansive space. 

Do Mirrors Help Dark Rooms?

Mirrors can help to brighten up dark rooms. By placing a mirror opposite a window, you can reflect the most natural light and brighten up the area. This will make the room appear to have multiple light sources and is an excellent trick to lighten up your space.


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