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The furniture you choose to invite into your home reflects your personal taste and defines your unique character. At Mojo Boutique, we acknowledge the importance of having high quality furniture that will last you for a lifetime. 

We have subsequently designed and crafted a delectable variety of sustainable mid-century furniture, that will uplift your sanctuary and improve your home’s functionality. Whether you are looking to spruce up your bedroom, dining area, living room, garden, or entryway, our mid-century modern collection of furniture will certainly suffice.

If you are currently refurbishing your abode, we warmly invite you to browse our complete collection. 

What is Mid-Century Modern Furniture? 

Mid-century modern furniture is a timeless design aesthetic that took the world by storm during the twentieth century, and still remains very much in style today! Featuring clean geometric lines, minimal ornamentation and an organic color palette, mid-century modern design is both stylistically versatile and endlessly elegant. 

Our abundant selection of mid-century modern furniture encapsulates the traditional characteristics of this design aesthetic to provide you with effortlessly tasteful and timeless creations that will gracefully compliment your home.

How Our Elegant Mid-Century Modern Furniture Can Uplift Your Home

Our selection of mid-century modern furniture has been mindfully curated to fit into different spaces within your abode. Whether you wish to introduce one of our creations into your home to make a statement, or intend on creating a cohesive arrangement with multiple items, we can wholeheartedly assure that every piece will beautifully enhance your chosen area.

To enliven a dull corner in your home, you can add our mid-century modern lounge chairs which are ergonomically designed to swaddle you with comfort. 

You can pair two of our delectable lounge chairs together, accompanied by one of our bespoke coffee tables to create a cozy nook where you can converse with loved ones, read your favorite book, and enjoy a nurturing beverage. 

If you wish to elevate your dining experience, you can accompany your dining table with a set of our show-stopping mid-century modern dining chairs, that will add a sophisticated touch of character to your dining space. 

If you wish to add a touch of mid-century modern glamor to your bedroom, you can accompany your bed frame with our contemporary range of nightstands. To further amplify your bedroom’s interior, you can also adorn your bed with one of our mesmerizing headboards, which are purposefully designed to harmoniously pair with our side tables. 

How We Ensure Our Mid-Century Furniture is 100% Sustainable

At Mojo Boutique, we value sustainability as much as we value your home’s interior. We collaborate closely with our beloved craftspeople to maintain an ethical and transparent relationship, and ensure they receive the respect and gratitude they deserve for their phenomenal artwork.

Every material used during production is responsibly sourced and grown, such as our upcycled teakwood and organic rattan. We additionally work to reduce waste by sticking to a made-to-order production. 

We take full responsibility for the impact transporting our creations to your home may cause. We subsequently calculate our carbon footprint and implement various offsetting projects to ensure we effectively compensate for our Earth’s sacred environment. If you are curious to know more, we welcome you to further explore how we maintain our sustainability here


Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture Still in Style?

Mid-century modern furniture is still considered exceptionally stylish and is favored by many interior designers and homeowners. Because of its clean, minimal aesthetic and organic palette, mid-century modern furniture is exceptionally versatile and timeless. 

Our collection of mid-century furniture has been specially designed to gracefully compliment your home’s existing style and uplift the feng shui of your space. 

What Color Wood is Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

Mid-century modern furniture is traditionally crafted using teakwood which emanates a rich, warm, golden brown. At Mojo Boutique, our mid-century modern furniture is crafted using upcycled teak wood to create sustainable and authentic mid-century modern pieces. 

What to Avoid When Buying Furniture?

When purchasing furniture, the key thing to avoid ignoring is scale and space. Always ensure you take accurate measurements of the area you intend on furbishing so your home is cohesive and functional. 

You should also consider your daily lifestyle, and how your furniture will aid your day-to-day activities. At Mojo Boutique, we have a multitude of exclusive designs with their own unique purposes and characteristics, suited to various interiors and lifestyles. 


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