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Teak Wood Furniture

If you’re searching for a material that adds a rustic nature to your home and can be sustainably sourced, teak wood is one of the best options. Delivering a captivating deep, honey shade, teak wood is aesthetically pleasing and can fit with various interior styles to add depth.

Fortunately, teak wood is an excellent option for upcycling due to its excellent aging properties, which see the wood improve as it ages. Within the wood’s structure, natural oils and moisture are retained, allowing the veins and knots to deepen and become richer in color, providing an incredibly striking appearance.

Therefore, if sustainability is one of your priorities, teak wood is an excellent material when selecting furniture. Enjoy beautiful aesthetics that first-hand wood can’t provide, along with eco-friendly advantages that ensure your interior design decisions have a low carbon footprint.

Where to Find Quality Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood is a beautiful material for furniture, but getting your hands on quality versions of the wood can be challenging. At Mojo Boutique, we use the best, sustainably sourced teak wood that looks visually striking and holds great eco-friendly benefits. Our furniture consists of sustainably sourced or upcycled wood, putting us ahead of this ever-changing industry. 

Creating our teak wood furniture starts with sourcing wood from unused objects such as old furniture or disaffected boats. As teak wood is durable and ages well, it’s the perfect option for upcycling, providing an excellent opportunity to give unloved objects a new lease of life. 

Although we source teak wood from old furniture pieces, we only use quality teak wood that ages well and can deliver our desired aesthetic. Teak wood improves as it ages, with natural oil retention enabling the veins and knots to develop their warmth over time for an exquisite appearance. 

When we’ve selected our pieces of teak wood, our artisans sand and polish the material, removing any previous paint work or nails to restore its initial state. As with all furniture-making elements, we only use natural and handmade processes to deliver our creations, so we don’t use harsh chemicals for polishing down our pieces.

Each piece we create is bespoke, with markings and natural components that ensure nobody else has the same design. Take our Vintage-Style Nightstand, for example. This beautiful bespoke nightstand provides a stylish, deep shade of wood that looks great with boho and traditional interiors. Coming together with woven cane, you can be confident this furniture piece is intriguing while providing enough storage for your bedside belongings. 

Why Teak Wood is The Versatile Furniture Material You Need in Your Home

Finding a reliable furniture material is essential, as you want to ensure your chosen furniture piece can fit with various interior styles regardless of where you live. Teak wood is an excellent choice for those who like to change their style and move house often, as its beautiful rustic appearance is perfect with modern and traditional interiors.

As this type of wood’s color gets richer with age, you don’t need to worry about your investment being short-term and can indulge and enjoy your new furniture piece for years to come. It pairs well with boho, natural aesthetics best, but you can add it to any home decor to inject a charming and rustic addition to your household. 

Furthermore, our teak wood is sustainably sourced so that you can have a durable, long-lasting furniture piece with a low environmental impact. Ethically designed in Indonesia by talented artisans, our teak wood furniture goes beyond mass-manufactured pieces and brings an enchanting energy to your home.  


Is teak a good wood for furniture?

Teak wood is a great furniture material and is one of the most durable hardwoods available. In addition to providing excellent durability, teak doesn’t deteriorate with age but looks better as the years pass due to the natural oils retained within the material.

How long will teak furniture last?

Teak wood is a long-lasting type of wood, and with proper construction, it can last for decades when used for furniture. Our teak wood is upcycled, with specific techniques used to prolong its life and restore its original quality, ensuring both upcycled and first-hand teak wood are long-lasting options.


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