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Sideboard/ Lowboard

Find the perfect addition to your home decor with personalized sideboards and lowboards. Enhance your living room with our collection of wooden lowboards made from recycled materials. This durable yet elegant piece offers a hint of Boho glam to your interior to create a dreamy natural atmosphere. 

Our bespoke sideboards bring functional storage while serving multiple uses throughout the home. Place this exquisite cabinetry piece in your dining room to store plates, dishes, and glassware. Bring interest to empty hallways with the rustic rattan textures on our sideboards and make a visually appealing addition to your decor. 

How Can Rattan Lowboards Enhance Your Living Space? 

Rattan lowboards are a must-have product for those seeking an eclectic Boho chic look in their living space. With the perfect blend of vintage and contemporary aesthetics, our wooden lowboards provide the ideal centerpiece for your lounge where you can place your television and face your seating furniture. 

Use our natural lowboards as a stylish entertainment unit to store various electronics, game consoles, and other miscellaneous items. These distinctive units are sure to give your space a clean, natural look without sacrificing warmth and comfort. Our sustainable lowboards are built using natural materials, giving your home a peaceful ambiance amongst natural surroundings. 

Bring new dimensions to your space with our rattan lowboards. Complement your living room furniture with a functional lowboard that offers both charm and practicality. Bring light, neutral tones to your interior to create a natural Boho haven. Our unique lowboards have endearing characteristics that you are sure to fall in love with!

Where Should You Keep Your Rattan Sideboard?

Our handmade wooden sideboards are a versatile furniture piece, offering sturdy storage space in any area of your home! With a neutral color palette and a natural finish, our timeless sideboards are sure to fit with any decor style for you to place effortlessly within your home. 

Our rattan sideboards are handmade to the highest quality, providing a reliable storage space and a beautiful focal point for your hallway, dining room, or living room. Place your sideboard in an entryway to create an impressive first impression for guests as they enter your home. They also provide functional uses, giving you a place to keep your keys and other items you may need as you walk out the door. 

Our natural sideboards offer an elegant mid-century look made from quality wood with woven rattan details for an eye-catching texture. Place this striking piece in your bedroom for extra storage that emits warm, natural hues for a comforting atmosphere. Invest in our quality handmade furniture for a sideboard that will last many years in your home. 

Where Can You Find Sustainable Sideboards/ Lowboards online?

Discover a charming collection of eco-friendly sideboards and lowboards on the Mojo Boutique website, available to buy online and ship directly to your home! We want to ensure the highest quality furniture while using sustainably sourced and upcycled materials to limit our environmental impact. 

Our bespoke collection of sideboards and lowboards is made from recycled wood and natural rattan. We make the most of old discarded resources and breathe new life into them to use in our unique furniture items.

This prevents the destruction of natural resources that take many years to regenerate and helps to reduce waste. Rattan is a wonderfully sustainable and durable material that naturally regenerates quickly. It also looks beautiful woven into handmade furniture, as it offers delightful natural textures. 


What Is A Sideboard?

Sideboards are sturdy pieces of furniture, often containing cupboards and drawers to store various items. Our wooden sideboards have delightful woven rattan designs, offering a warm, peaceful atmosphere to any room you put them in. 

What Is A Lowboard?

A lowboard is a low-standing storage unit that is commonly used as a television stand. These stylish pieces provide dimensional interest to your decor and don’t overpower the rest of your interior. Our rattan lowboards provide a modern touch to any interior, with intriguing natural textures and reliable storage.


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