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Unique Natural Coffee Table

Discover the versatility of our handmade Natura coffee tables. We understand that every home comes with different needs. That is why our Natura coffee table has an efficient design in two sizes for your convenience. Discover the perfect coffee table for your space with our elegant Natura design. 

This round wooden coffee table is lightweight and airy yet wonderfully robust. Add textual intrigue with a circular rattan pattern and neatly woven surface. Enjoy the adaptable nature of natural products and neutral tones by placing the Natura coffee table in any corner of your home! 

This timeless rattan coffee table benefits homes both large and small. Utilize the Natura table for decorative or functional purposes and add a delightful Boho flair to your interior. Enjoy the warm color palette of these masterfully crafted tables that emit a calming, laid-back ambiance. 

Size small dimensions:

Diameter, 15.7"

Height, 15.0"

Size large dimensions:

Diameter, 23.6"

Height, 17.3"

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Meet the Makers


Begi has been exclusively creating rattan furniture for a long time now, and is also very passionate at traditional painting: a combination of two ancient talents he believes should be greatly preserved. Currently, he lives in Bali with his lovely wife and three children. He hopes that one day he too can pass on his amazing skills to at least one of his kids.