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Kitchen Lamp 

Although often overlooked, lamps welcome warmth and vibrancy into your space. Our collection of bespoke kitchen lamps has been meticulously designed with creativity and soul to ensure each piece has the power to uplift your cooking space, stimulating a positive flow of energy. 

Inviting our artisanal lamps into your kitchen will support the functionality of your space and encourage productivity, enabling you to enjoy a purposeful and radiant kitchen atmosphere where you can comfortably cook, dine, and relax.

What Style Should a Kitchen Lamp Be?

Our lamps are mindfully handmade to revitalize your kitchen while complementing your existing interior. Each piece is crafted with the elegance of purist and bohemian design to welcome a subtle yet effective glow that will radiate throughout your space.

Because our kitchen lamps have an equal balance of contemporary minimalism and character, you can trust they will magnify your personal taste and gracefully accompany your kitchen furniture

To enhance the versatility of your kitchen lamp, we recommend inserting an adjustable warm-tone lightbulb, so that you may personalize the brightness of your kitchen depending on your mood. 

Whichever lightbulb you select, our lamps have been innovatively crafted to project soft, euphoric lighting throughout your kitchen, which provokes the comforting feeling of a warm summer's day.

If you are seeking a kitchen lamp that reflects creativity and individuality, our Intricate Rattan Lampshade will certainly suffice. This quirky piece features a mesmerizing handwoven design which gently releases beams of light throughout your space, creating an enchanting aura. 

For something a little more rustic, we recommend exploring our Handmade Wooden Lamp. This item has been slowly crafted with sustainable rattan to create a spectacle of wooden rings, adding a playful touch of boho interior to your kitchen while emanating a sense of serenity and coziness. 

What Materials Make The Best Kitchen Lamps?

There are many natural materials provided by mother nature which make strong, stunning and illuminating kitchen lamps. Rattan is among the best materials for kitchen lamps as it releases a naturalistic glimmer of light. 

Our gifted artisans use 100% natural rattan when crafting our items, to ensure the organic essence of this robust material remains intact, delivering an earthy aesthetic. 

Although rattan is highly durable, it is also extremely pliant and can be manipulated into various shapes and styles, including complex hand-woven designs, adding texture and character to your kitchen. 

Bamboo is another marvelously resistant and sustainable material, which has been deemed stronger than wood, bricks, and even concrete, making it perfect for crafting lamps with the utmost longevity. 

How To Source an Eco-Friendly Kitchen Lamp 

Every item available at Mojo Boutique adheres to conscious consumerism and ethical practice. Our craftspeople create each item using natural, toxin-free materials to ensure longevity. Because our products are built to last, every design rejects short lived trends, to ensure you receive a piece that will stylishly serve your home for a lifetime. 

Like all our items, every kitchen lamp in our collection is handcrafted-to-order with a personalized touch that reflects the individual artistry of our talented makers. This not only reduces waste, but additionally provides you with a lamp that is truly one-of-a-kind. 


Why Do People Have Lamps in their Kitchens? 

Kitchen lamps double up as both decorative and essential items. They provide light needed for visibility when cooking or eating in your kitchen, while simultaneously contributing to the interior design of your home. Kitchen lamps also influence the mood and tone of your home. Many people opt for warm-tone lighting, as it evokes a soothing and welcoming ambience.

Where Should I Put My Kitchen Lamp?

Where you decide to place your kitchen lamp is entirely up to your personal preference. Many people enjoy having over-head lighting in their ceiling to project light downwards to brighten up an entire kitchen. Floor and surface lamps are another popular option, which are fantastic for brightening up a dull corner. 

Should Kitchens Have Warm or Cool Lighting? 

The tone of lighting in your kitchen will massively determine the atmosphere and brightness of your space. If you are seeking a cozy, comforting space, warm lighting is your best option. If you desire brilliancy and airiness, white lighting will work perfectly. 


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