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Living Room Mirrors

Our collection of artisanal living room mirrors are perfect for encouraging light and space into your abode. Each piece in our range has been consciously crafted using 100% natural materials to ensure you receive an eco-friendly and ethically produced item which is free from harmful toxins. 

Whether you wish to use your mirror for decoration, to add space to your living room, or to project light throughout your space, we are certain our stylish collection of versatile mirrors will fulfill every intention!

How Our Living Room Mirrors Can Uplift Your Home’s Interior

Our mirrors are designed and crafted to embody the elegant characteristics of purist, bohemian design. Using upcycled wood, bamboo and rattan, our mirrors will invite the soothing essence of mother nature into your sanctuary, inviting both warmth and grace into your interior. 

Crafted in a variety of sizes, our mirrors can help open up your living room space, alleviating any enclosed feelings which may be restricting your relaxation. When strategically placed, our mirrors will create a magical optical illusion which can expand the depth of your space, making your living room appear larger. 

Our mirrors additionally welcome and refract natural sunlight light around your space, which will leave your sanctuary feeling energized and full of positivity. 

How We Create Our Living Room Mirrors

At Mojo Boutique, we are passionate about conscious consumerism, which is why all our furniture and decor is crafted using both ethical and eco-friendly methods. 

Every mirror on our site is made-to-order. This means our talented artisans slowly craft each piece to ensure minimal waste, and to guarantee that they are able to pour all their energy and love into your precious order so that you receive a stunning mirror which is built-to-last. 

We only use natural materials when producing our items, many of which are locally sourced in Bali, Indonesia. Rattan is among our favored materials at Mojo Boutique. Rattan is a variant of climbing palm which has been used by crafters for centuries. This sacred material grows rapidly and is easy to harvest, making it exceptional for producing furniture. It is also exceptionally malleable, making it perfect for weaving intricate patterns and textures. To ensure we maintain sustainability, we ensure our harvesters do not cut our rattan prematurely, to avoid interfering with regrowth for future use. 

Upcycled wood is another magnificent material that we use to create our living mirrors. We love nothing more than giving a second life to salvaged wood, whether it comes from old boats, demolished houses or broken furniture! We strip any wood used to create our pieces, to ensure all harmful curing agents are removed. This also enables us to restore the rich color of the wood. 

During the final stages of production we avoid using any harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde, to finish our mirrors as such substances can pollute your home overtime and present various health threats. Instead, we use raw, organic coconut oil to create a radiant,  glowing finish. You can discover more about our eco-conscious practices here


Where Should a Mirror Be Placed in a Living Room? 

In order to effectively promote light and space in your home, we recommend placing your mirror opposite a window. This will enable the sun’s light to bounce around your room, and will reflect the outdoors, creating a magical illusion of another window!

What Mirrors Can Make a Room Look Bigger? 

Longer, larger mirrors will encourage the most light and space, making your room feel significantly bigger. However, if you are seeking a more ornamental piece, you can also opt for a smaller piece to go on your wall and compliment your existing wall art.  


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