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Rattan Mirror

Finding the perfect statement mirror for your home is one of the best ways to create the illusion of more space due to the natural light it casts around the room. At Mojo Boutique, we have a selection of mirrors that use rattan for their frames, blending beautiful light with rustic patterns and natural shades for a tranquil appearance.

Rattan is a versatile material that can be incorporated with various home interiors, ensuring you invest in a mirror that can look impactful in any room of your house while adding practicality. 

How Our Rattan Mirrors Elevate Your Interiors

Sometimes, it can be as simple as adding one piece of furniture to improve your interior space completely. Our rattan mirrors are an excellent solution for brightening up any dull areas of your home, ensuring you don’t need to add artificial light or distracting features. 

Our Natural Rattan Mirror is hand-designed with a charming woven frame that looks simultaneously unique and homely. Perfect for adding to a lounge, bedroom, or dining room, this design is versatile and can fit with modern, boho, and traditional aesthetics due to its natural, earthy shades.

Thanks to our natural rattan mirror’s large, statement size, you can get clever with where you place it to ensure you use an optimal light reflective spot. A great way to do this is by putting your mirror opposite a window, which allows it to reflect the light outward around the room. With light reflection, your space will automatically feel more prominent, with the natural rattan material implementing a calm, boho style that pairs well with natural light.

You can achieve a light-reflective environment with smaller mirrors too. Our Boho Arched Mirror is a perfect example of this, providing an excellent opportunity for hanging in a hallway to truly open up your space and add dimension. Its arched rattan frame includes beautifully woven textures that catch the eye of any guest, with a subtly warm-toned finish that adds charm to your space.

Where to Find Sustainable Rattan Mirrors

At Mojo Boutique, we have a range of sustainably sourced rattan mirrors that bring style to your home without harming the environment. Skilled artisans in Indonesia handcraft all of our furniture using captivating and traditional techniques that are unique while being high-quality and durable. 

Our business is committed to supporting the livelihoods of our artisans, whom we know by name and have a constant stream of communication. So, the products you receive will have been handcrafted by a talented artisan in Bali and will be unlike any other furniture you’ve seen.

The individual features aren’t only apparent due to the handcrafted processes used by our artisans but also because of the upcycled wood we use. With our rattan mirrors, we work directly with harvesters who specialize in cutting lianas at a specific point to ensure re-growth can occur efficiently. 


Can you have a rattan mirror in the bathroom?

A rattan mirror is a great way to bring warmth into your bathroom since many modern bathrooms feature cool-toned, minimalist characteristics that can lack charm. Rattan is a rustic material that implements a natural aesthetic that can look particularly impactful in a bathroom.

Will rattan mirrors help brighten a room?

Rattan mirrors can brighten a room when positioned in a specific space. Place your mirror opposite a window for optimal brightness or next to a window for a more subtle lighting effect. As rattan is a natural and softly colored material, it won’t absorb the light and will instead help to implement this brightened effect. 


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