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Handmade Wooden Baby Bed

Crafted consciously and with care, our baby beds provide a beautiful and unique piece of furniture for your little one's bedroom. Designed to be long-lasting, investing in a Mojo Boutique wooden bed will be a sure way to keep your baby comfortable for these upcoming crucial years. Our wooden baby bed collection is created with recycled wood, producing a unique and endearing appearance that will transform your baby's bedroom into a boho dreamland. 

How To Find a Wooden Bed That is Safe For a Baby 

At Mojo Boutique, our furniture and baby beds are designed from upcycled and sustainable wood, creating a rustic and homely feeling. A considerable element of our design process is ensuring that our upcycled materials are safe for consumers by using a handmade and natural method to remove previous paint and nails and sanding and polishing the wood.

Once our natural upcycling process is complete, we are left with a safe wooden canvas ready to be crafted into pieces of furniture. In this case, we create beds suitable for babies by merging rattan, bamboo, and other sustainably sourced materials to produce a sturdy and durable end product. 

All wooden furniture created by Mojo Boutique is eco-friendly, safe to use in homes, and 100% free of chemicals such as formaldehyde. The safety of our customers is the most important thing, which pushed us only ever to use natural resin in the form of coconut oil. Investing in a baby bed courtesy of Mojo Boutique will ensure your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals emitted from cheap materials. This safety is also assured with our entire baby room collection

How To Choose a Bed For a Newborn 

There are hundreds of possible products you could choose when selecting a bed for a newborn. But, finding a bed that delivers comfort, style and longevity is crucial. At Mojo Boutique, all our baby beds are crafted from upcycled wood, providing our customers with a durable and long-lasting product that only gets better with age. 

Another element to always be aware of when purchasing a crib or baby bed is the security of the bed. Our baby beds are designed to keep your baby safe, with robust bed sides that keep your little one comfortable and in place. And safety has never looked so stylish, thanks to our incredible artisan designers who craft our baby beds to look appealing and bring character to your child's bedroom. 

Our baby beds create the perfect space to fill with a mattress and soft blankets while ensuring your baby is visible due to the intricately placed and styled rattan bedsides. The bed holder also makes it easier than ever to keep spare blankets or toys nearby, helping you have everything you need at your fingertips while not disturbing the bedroom's aesthetic and surrounding area. 


Are wooden cribs better? 

Wooden cribs are great because of their longevity. Generally, wooden beds last longer and are more versatile. In addition, a wooden crib can add more character and a rustic feel to the room. 

Can baby beds look stylish?

Despite their small size, baby beds can capture the attention of those who enter a room due to their sweet appearance. A baby bed can look even nicer when crafted from wood and rustic materials to create a more vintage feeling. 

What do I put in a wooden baby bed?

You must keep your baby's bed empty, only filling it with a mattress and a soft blanket tucked safely down the bedside to prevent it from moving. Having items such as soft toys can be dangerous when left unattended.


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