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Styling the perfect nursery for your bundle of joy is an exciting part of parenthood. We have everything you need to create a warm and inviting space in which you and your baby can enjoy spending time. From remarkable changing tables to luxurious baby beds, our team of talented artisans can create stunning upcycled pieces that promote a restful atmosphere through natural and sustainable resources.

We put love and care into each piece, crafting delicate furniture that can help nurture your baby and encourage a sense of calm. Life with a toddler is constantly on the go. With our baby and toddler furniture, you can create a wonderfully personalized room where you can both slow down and unwind.

How To Choose Wooden Furniture For Your Baby’s Bedroom

Expecting a newborn is a magical time for parents, and nothing can get you more excited than decorating your little one's bedroom. Our selection of baby furniture offers comfort and warmth, helping you create a peaceful atmosphere where you'll spend those precious first few years nurturing your bundle of joy. When styling your perfect nursery, there are some key baby essentials you need to consider.

You may feel overwhelmed by choice when deciding on the best crib for your baby. Our robust yet elegant baby beds offer luxurious comfort to your little one while reflecting your personal style. Add a natural Boho touch to your baby's room with a bespoke rattan crib that our talented craftspeople have lovingly made with your baby's needs in mind. 

Your nursery will need a functional changing table that provides efficient storage and a safe surface to lay your baby. We can help parents find the perfect changing table that serves both practicality and beautiful aesthetics. Store the excess toys and baby essentials gifted to you by doting friends and family in a gorgeous handmade unit, crafted by passionate individuals who strive for perfection in every product.

How To Find Rattan Furniture For Your Toddler’s Bedroom

After taking those first few steps, your toddler becomes a little force of nature. Taking the world in their stride, toddlers become fascinated by their surroundings and grow with every new discovery. While toddlers need fun and engaging decor that stimulates the growing mind, we also know the importance of safety. Our wooden baby and toddler furniture items create a beautiful and safe environment where your little explorers can express themselves freely.

Invest in our contemporary toddler table and desk to construct a stunning natural environment that enhances your toddler's creativity. Encourage your little one's development by providing your toddler with a calming place to sit and learn.

Style your toddler's bedroom with our refined toddler chairs that will fit right in with your interior decor. Our smart rattan toddler chairs promote a sense of independence in your young ones, giving them an exceptional boost in confidence as they try to navigate life.

We source our furniture from recycled materials that are robust and can handle your toddler's growing curiosity. However, practical furniture does not need to hinder your creative vision for interior decor. Our sustainable baby and toddler furniture is sturdy without sacrificing aesthetic value, providing safe, engaging, and visually stunning pieces for your toddler's bedroom. Our eco-friendly baby and toddler furniture make the perfect choice for those looking to become more mindful about where they shop!


How Do You Set Up A Nursery In A Small Room?

Investing in sleek, modern furniture can help elevate your nursery when there is not much space. You can create a minimal yet gorgeous look for your baby's room with our intricately crafted baby beds and changing tables.

What Should Be In A Toddler's Bedroom?

A toddler's bedroom should have a warm, calming atmosphere where your little one can relax their racing mind. You can buy beautiful natural baby and toddler furniture like our toddler desks and tables that provide a peaceful environment while stimulating their instinctive curiosity.


Why some products have pre-order discounts?

We believe in the sustainable way — and in creating small batches on a needs-basis to avoid over-production and waste. A pre-order is encouraged so that our beloved craftspeople can spend more time with each piece and dedicate their work to you personally.  We feel you should be rewarded for this mindful choice, so we offer a special discount on your unique and forever furniture.


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