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Bar Trolley 

Add a bespoke bar trolley to your space for a delicate touch of classy, modern interior. Display your favorite cocktail glasses and beverages on this stylish handmade product to incorporate your personal tastes into your decor. 

While our bar trolley may seem to have a singular purpose, some out-of-the-box thinking can lead to creative uses for this standout piece that elevates your space even further. Purchase your wooden bar trolley guilt-free with the knowledge that it was made from sustainable and all-natural materials. 

Where Should You Place Your Handmade Bar Trolley?

The minimal, simplistic design of our wooden bar trolleys makes them easy to incorporate into any style of interior decor. Reminiscent of dreamy Boho aesthetics, our rattan bar trolley gives your space a refreshing natural accent to promote peace and tranquility. Place our upcycled bar trolleys in your dining room, living room, or kitchen for a chic addition to your decor.

The wheels on our bar trolley, paired with the lightweight nature of its rattan design, make it incredibly easy to shift around as you please. Push your personalized bar trolley to your dining room table to house extra condiments, napkins, or drinkware for convenience when entertaining guests. When you are not using your natural bar table for practical uses, wheel it over to your living room to act as a stunning accent piece. 

How To Find Eco-Friendly Bar Trolleys Online

Mojo Boutique has a collection of sustainably sourced bar trolleys to embellish your space. Made from the highest-quality, all-natural materials, our bar trolleys are safe from harmful chemicals and wasteful production methods. Feel reassured when purchasing from Mojo Boutique as all our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

Purchase our unique bar trolley to add a touch of Boho elegance to your interior and to help preserve the natural environment. At Mojo Boutique, we believe in giving back to the natural world. That’s why with every order we promise to plant a tree in Indonesia, and will always use recycled materials to make our products.

Express your ecological convictions and individuality with eco-friendly furniture handmade by professional artisans. Forego harmful mass-produced items and embrace the healing effects of unique artisanal products. Support our talented craftspeople directly by buying original pieces like our bar trolleys and help them make a fulfilling living through making furniture with techniques passed down through generations. 

How You Can Use Our Rattan Bar Trolley 

Our gorgeous rattan bar trolleys can serve a multitude of functional purposes throughout your home. Place your bar trolley in your outdoor seating area for a beautiful, rustic addition to your space while also providing easy access to drinks and snacks for uninterrupted outdoor entertainment. Save yourself from dashing back and forth to the kitchen with our stylish yet practical bar trolley. 

Some creative thinking can lead to less conventional uses of our rustic bar trolley. Place the idyllic piece in your bedroom to use as a beautiful nightstand. Alternatively, why not use your bar trolley as stylish bathroom storage to hold your essentials and add a decorative flair to the room? If alcohol isn’t your thing, you can use your versatile bar trolley as a delightful coffee station, displaying your favorite mugs, coffee beans, and sweet syrups to impress your guests.


How Do You Style A Wooden Bar Trolley?

Our stylish bar trolley can display your favorite tipples and provide a handy place to put light snacks for nighttime entertainment. Our bespoke bar trolleys make a striking accent piece for any room, with beautiful natural features and intricate designs. 

Do Bar Trolleys Provide Good Storage?

Our rattan bar trolleys are an ideal way to store your spirits and cocktail glasses decoratively. You could also use your bar trolley for general storage and use it as a stylish side table. Our bar trolleys are lightweight and have wheels, so they can easily be moved from room to room.


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