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Bedroom Lounge Chairs

Your bedroom should be the area of your home in which you feel most relaxed, with an easygoing vibe that helps you fall asleep quickly and takes you away from life's often stressful, hectic nature.

However, sometimes we want to relax in our bedrooms without getting into bed; this is where bedroom lounge chairs come in. Whether you love kicking back and watching your favourite TV show undisturbed or enjoy tucking yourself away from the world with a book, a bedroom lounge chair provides you with a comfortable place to sit in your bedroom that won't leave you tempted to doze off (unless you want to!). 

Where to Position Bedroom Lounge Chairs

The last thing you want is for your bedroom space to become cluttered, which can be why many homeowners sway away from incorporating chairs in their bedrooms. However, even the smallest rooms can be ideal for fitting a chair into and provide you with that extra visual interest and practicality a bedroom needs. 

If you have a smaller bedroom, it's best to position your bedroom lounge chair at least a few inches from your bed. While doing this may be challenging in some spaces, identify which area of your room is furthest from your bed space, and focus on placing your lounge chair there.

On the other hand, those with bigger rooms can get more creative and try out a few different positions. For a laid-back, relaxing approach, consider positioning your lounge chair adjacent to your bed, providing a seat close to your bed for a charming feel. Or, set up your lounge chair in a corner and dedicate this area to your seat, whether you opt for a book feature, TV, or something more creative and arts-driven.

To bring any of the above placements to life, you'll need a lounge chair that seamlessly fits your style. Our Frida Lounge Chair is versatile, comfortable, and rustic, crafted with sustainable furniture that delivers a unique and exclusive appearance that mass manufacturing can't compete with. 

How to Find Sustainable Bedroom Lounge Chairs

If you're looking for ways to elevate your bedroom's style, chances are you want to find a way to do this without harming the environment. Furniture should last years, with durable designs that ensure you get your money's worth and prevent you from needing to repurchase large items frequently.

Our Rustic Wooden Lounge Chair provides the perfect example, with hand-woven rattan that looks stylish while being sustainably sourced in Indonesia. When properly cared for, rattan can last for years. Our talented artisans' designs bring your bedroom interior to life through high-quality generational techniques that feature unique characteristics that ensure your bedroom has furniture that can't be replicated.

Our lounge chairs feature rattan as the primary wood used. We ensure our harvesting is done sustainably by working with farmers that cut stems at the correct time to avoid impacting the lianas' ability to re-sprout. With a conscious outlook on farming, designing, and work conditions, our furniture covers all bases of sustainability to reduce our carbon footprint without reducing style.


What is The Point of a Chair in The Bedroom?  

Adding a chair to your bedroom helps establish a calm, relaxing atmosphere with great benefits to interior style and practicality. You can add a lounge chair for purposes such as watching TV or reading or a more formal chair for socializing if your bedroom is large enough to do so.

Where's The Best Position For My Bedroom Lounge Chair? 

The best position for a bedroom lounge chair largely depends on the amount of space you have. Bigger bedrooms can get more creative, placing their chair a few inches away from the bed to create a relaxed atmosphere, whereas smaller rooms should focus on placements that don't take up too much space.


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