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Bedroom Mirrors

A mirror is an essential piece of bedroom furniture, adding practicality and elegance to your room. While many homeowners choose mirror designs centered around their functionality, mirrors can elevate your interior aesthetic and even be used as a centerpiece to draw attention from visitors.

There are many directions you could take when choosing a bedroom mirror. Whether creating a more relaxed vibe with a free-standing mirror or keeping your room traditional and orderly with a mounted mirror, you can get creative and let your mind run free. 

How to Choose The Perfect Bedroom Mirror

Creating the bedroom of your dreams can feel stressful; you’ll need to select a specific design and style and run with it. Mirrors are a great furniture piece to incorporate in a bedroom due to their simple ability to add dimension and space to even the smallest rooms while seamlessly fitting in with a range of home interiors. 

A free-standing, simple design is best for those aiming for an elegant and subtle approach to their bedroom. Our Elegant Rattan Mirror features a sustainable rattan frame, ideal for adding natural and bohemian energy to your space. The natural aesthetic of this mirror looks best when leaned against a neutral-toned wall, allowing the mirror to captivate your attention and act as a focal point. 

If you don’t want your mirror to attract all the attention yet still have a distinct style that adds to your overall interior style, an arched mirror that you can hang on your wall will work well. The Boho Arched Mirror is an excellent example, with a woven rattan arched frame that adds visual interest. At the same time, its dainty size ensures it won’t detract attention from the rest of your bedroom. 

On the other hand, you may want your mirror to demand all the attention in your bedroom and stand out against contemporary, minimalist interior styles. Our Handwoven Rattan Mirror is perfect for free standing, with a textured handcrafted rattan frame that looks charming and artistic. 

Where to Find Sustainable Bedroom Mirrors

Setting a peaceful, tranquil mood in your bedroom is a priority for many, and providing yourself with the peace of mind that the furniture you invest in has a positive impact on the world can add to this serene feeling. 

Our artisanal mirrors are designed and created in Indonesia by local, skilled artisans. We use sustainable materials like rattan to provide eco-friendly creations that always have versatility and style. 

Take the Natural Rattan Mirror, for example. Its natural, sustainably sourced rattan frame has been woven by hand to reveal a delicate yet eye-catching design created by our furniture maker Pak Jani. Specializing in rattan bending, Pak’s creations are truly one-of-a-kind and are a sure way to add character to your bedroom. 

With sustainable furniture, you can be confident that no one has a replica of your mirror, as each design has been crafted from natural materials with unique markings. Additionally, handcrafted techniques are filled with individualism and culture, ensuring your mirror looks the part while being kind to the planet. 


Where Should I Put My Bedroom Mirror? 

Consider where the natural lighting of your bedroom falls when deciding where to place a mirror, as putting a mirror next to your window will reflect light into the room, creating the illusion of a larger and more open space.

Do Mirrors Belong in Bedrooms?

While there are ideologies that mirrors shouldn’t be placed in bedrooms, there is no harm in putting a mirror in your room for practical purposes or if you would like to elevate your space. Mirrors can help to make your space seem bigger, but many suggest that having a mirror opposite your bed can be disruptive due to light reflections. 


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