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Bedroom Storage Trunk & Shelves

It’s challenging for a bedroom to not become cluttered; after all, we spend so much of our personal time in this room, and all our belongings need to find a home within those four walls! If you struggle to keep your bedroom tidy, a storage trunk could be the best option for you to introduce a more orderly setup into your room.

While initially, having a trunk in your bedroom may not sound inviting, a storage trunk can help improve the overall aesthetic. For example, a wooden storage trunk adds a rustic, bohemian vibe that can set a more relaxing tone in your bedroom. 

How to Include a Storage Trunk in Your Bedroom

Deciding where to place a storage trunk can be tricky, and your first thought may be to tuck it away into the corner of your room. However, your storage trunk can be an integral part of your bedroom furniture, adding to your aesthetic and creating a serene atmosphere.

Take our Wooden Storage Trunk and Bench, for example. This storage trunk is designed from durable, strong rattan that can hold the average person’s body weight, enabling you to have a cozy place to sit in your bedroom. Position it at the end of your bed to create a relaxed vibe or against a wall for a more central focus that adds visual interest.

As our storage trunk is designed from sustainable rattan, its design is equally stylish and unique, helping your bedroom to be in its own realm regarding character. Rattan is a versatile material that you can incorporate with a range of interiors but particularly looks great when paired with modern, minimalistic styles that many bedrooms consist of.

To flawlessly incorporate a storage trunk in your bedroom, it is best to drape comforting features such as cotton blankets and cushions over it to keep the tranquil vibe of your bedroom consistent throughout. Of course, inside your trunk may be slightly less relaxing, as they are made for storing various items!

Where to Find Handmade Storage Trunks for Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your space to decorate and style however your heart desires, and not many types of furniture have the same endearing qualities as handmade furniture. From having unique features in every piece to using age-old techniques to achieve high-quality, handcrafted furniture is a game-changer to include in your home.

Our storage trunks are designed by our talented Indonesian-based artisans, only using natural and sustainable wood to ensure our creations are kind to the planet while looking stylish.  

Our Handmade Wooden Storage Trunk perfectly exemplifies how our bespoke creations can look fabulous in a bedroom, providing a dependable place for storage in an eye-catching, high-quality, and sustainable design that can fit into several bedroom styles, with modern and minimalist aesthetics being the most suited. 


Are Wooden Storage Trunks Better for Bedrooms Than Plastic Alternatives?

Plastic storage boxes can look untidy and less aesthetically pleasing than wooden storage trunks. With a wooden trunk, you can transform it into a multi-functional piece of furniture, acting as both a seat and a place to store items while adding to your room’s decor due to its attractive wooden design.

How Do I Make My Storage Trunk Look Better in My Bedroom? 

Investing in a durable storage trunk designed from wood or a sustainable material will give you a better chance of storing items while looking good. You can incorporate elements such as throws, cushions, and even house plants on top of your storage trunk to seamlessly tie it in with the rest of your room. 


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