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Entryway Mirror 

As entryways can be pretty dull spaces, it’s essential to find ways to add light and brighten up this part of your home to ensure it looks as welcoming as possible. While many opt for artificial light, an entryway mirror can significantly optimize your entry point’s natural light while enhancing your home’s sophisticated style. 

At Mojo Boutique, we have a range of sustainable mirrors suited for entryways. Whether you want a statement, full-length mirror, or a smaller design that hangs on your wall, we have all the options ready to elevate your entryway.

Where to Position an Entryway Mirror

Positioning your entryway mirror correctly is essential for efficiently optimizing your home’s entry point. The primary aspect of an entryway is your door, and some doors have windows that allow the light to come through at all times of the day, while others only let the light shine through when they are open.

Regardless of which door you have, positioning a mirror in a specific placement can help to reflect the light from your doorway around your entryway, creating the illusion of a more open space, which can significantly impact the closed, narrow nature of a hall. Doing this can create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere, something all homeowners strive for. 

For an entryway, the bigger the mirror, the better. Selecting a large mirror will be more impactful and ensure you get the maximum effect. Our Elegant Rattan Mirror is perfect for this, providing the ideal size to visually enhance your space with a natural rattan frame that isn’t too distracting while providing a charming warmth.

A small mirror will work if your entryway isn’t big enough for a large mirror. An arched design such as our Boho Arched Mirror will work perfectly for adding visual interest while not being too large for smaller spaces. Place your mirror at a medium height, either perpendicular to your door’s window or in front of a light, to elevate the brightness of your entryway. 

The mirrors in our collection are excellent for entryways due to the rattan frames complimenting a range of interiors and providing an inviting, warm visual piece for your guests to enter your home to see. 

Where to Find Eco-friendly Entryway Mirrors

At Mojo Boutique, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind furniture with minimal adverse environmental impacts. Our entryway mirrors are predominantly made with sustainable rattan, sourced and harvested by Indonesian farmers who understand liana growth and sprouting better than anyone. 

When purchasing an entryway mirror from us, we plant a tree in Indonesia to ensure we give back to the area where our creations are designed and made by the local artisan community. Working with the craftspeople of Indonesia ensures our furniture pieces are unique and have rare, bespoke touches.

Creations such as our Handwoven Rattan Mirror feature intricately designed frames that look breathtaking in an entryway, helping elevate your home’s aesthetic while being kind to the environment. 


What is the best mirror shape for an entryway?

Mirrors with angular shapes can look particularly striking in an entryway due to their inviting and laid-back vision. If you have a larger entrance, rectangular mirrors can work too, but it’s generally best to use only this mirror shape if you have a more significant amount of space to work with.

Should you hang a mirror facing your front door?

It’s best to hang your mirror perpendicular to your front door to still capture the light without making the mirror too head-on for those entering your home. Feng shui suggests that placing a mirror in front of a door is a bad decision, too, so it’s best to opt for perpendicular placement.


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