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Living Room Full-Length Mirrors

Despite not being an obvious choice, putting a mirror in your living room can significantly improve your space’s aesthetic and bring more light into your room, creating a more airy and spacious feeling with minimal effort. 

Our mirrors are designed by talented artisans with sustainably sourced materials and captivating designs perfect for various home decor styles and personal tastes. Our selection of mirrors consists of warm, earthy tones ideal for bringing a comforting warmth to your living room without distracting from other standout furniture pieces.

As our mirrors consist of neutral tones and natural materials, you can have peace of mind that no matter where you move or if you’re partial to redecorating, your mirror can be incorporated into your living room due to its versatility. Additionally, no matter how small your room is, mirrors are the perfect solution to creating the illusion of having more space, with natural rattan and wooden frames subtly encouraging this.

How To Find Full-Length Mirrors for Your Living Room

You may wonder where to begin if you’ve never incorporated a mirror into your living room interior. After all, living rooms are a slightly more unique place to present a mirror, and you want your new addition to extend your style.

Instead of choosing a small mirror to place on a wall, a large, full-length mirror is a great way to create a visual focal point in your living room without going overboard. At Mojo Boutique, our full-length mirrors are perfect for leaning against a wall to create a relaxed, boho vibe that transforms your living room into a cove of comfort and relaxation.

Additionally, our handwoven rattan provides a minimalistic and stylish result that can be intertwined with numerous design styles. Should you wish for your mirror to add more visual interest to your space, our Handwoven Rattan Mirror features a fascinating peacock design in which the mirror frame has been intricately crafted to include a striking and charming pattern. 

On the other hand, the Elegant Rattan Mirror is ideal for those searching to add light and dimension to their living room without going overboard. The simplistic and natural design allows the reflection of your room to do the talking, with a neutral rattan frame adding a calm and tranquil vibe to your home.

How To Choose Sustainable Furniture for Your Living Room

The material used to produce our mirrors is naturally sourced, ensuring each design has a unique finish that makes it one-of-a-kind. Our craftspeople inject their culture and traditional techniques into each creation, adding to the bespoke nature of the furniture here at Mojo Boutique. 

For us, being sustainable doesn’t stop at sourcing products. We ensure we work with local Indonesian artisans to encapsulate their incredible talent, support the community, and never use sweatshops or unethical furniture manufacturing processes.

We provide accounts on our product descriptions so you can see which of our talented Indonesian artisans has created your furniture piece. For example, our Natural Rattan Mirror was made by Pak Jani, a skilled artisan who’s worked with rattan his entire life and has a specialty regarding the technique for bending the material. 


Where in Your Living Room Do You Put a Full-Length Mirror?

Mirrors are versatile pieces of furniture and can look great in many positions. Place your mirror in an empty part of your room, on the floor, leaning against the wall for a relaxed style. Or, for a more grandeur placement, prop your mirror on the wall above a mantelpiece or main focal point. 

Do Full-Length Mirrors Look Good in Living Rooms?

A full-length mirror can add a stylish feeling to your living room and look great in smaller spaces due to its ability to add light and an airy feel. You can incorporate a full-length mirror with various styles, from modern to vintage to boho.


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