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Mid-century Modern Dining Chairs

Rising to popularity in the mid-20th century, mid-century modern furniture features simplistic, functional designs often crafted from attractive types of wood such as teak. Once again becoming a favored choice for many interior designers, the practicality of these types of furniture stands out in modern homes, with beautiful finishes that add style.

The best part is that mid-century modern furniture can be injected into various home interiors, so long as you give these eye-catching wooden designs their time to shine. At Mojo Boutique, our dining chair collection hones in on the charming nature of mid-century modern styles, featuring sustainable teak wood and versatile bespoke rattan to bring our mid-20th century vision to life. 

How to Incorporate Mid-century Modern Dining Chairs Into Your Home

Despite coming to fruition over 70 years ago, mid-century modern furniture is easy to include in many interior styles. At Mojo Boutique, our dining chairs are handcrafted using traditional techniques and bespoke, sustainable wood that perfectly encapsulates the vintage feeling of mid-century modern designs.

Our Vintage Wicker Dining Chairs pair well with minimalist modern home styles due to their playful, rustic appearance. As with many mid-century modern furniture, our vintage wicker dining chairs are crafted from teak wood, with the woven cane and wicker establishing an endearing and unique vision. 

You can take the creative reigns and use your imagination while having peace of mind that our creations are robust, providing the perfect seat that’ll look stylish and last for years to come. To deliver a mid-century modern aesthetic, it’s best to keep functionality at the heart of your home, pairing your dining chairs with relaxing interiors and tables that work harmoniously with your style. 

We recommend keeping a modern feel to your home, as you don’t want to feel completely transported to the 1950s. Adding dining chairs is ideal, as you can pair them with a modern kitchen or dining area, establishing just the right amount of character and playfulness. 

Where to Find Sustainable Dining Chairs That Achieve a Mid-century Modern Interior Design Style 

Mid-century modern furniture is incredibly endearing, and while second-hand and vintage options are available, sometimes a first-hand option is preferred. We understand that first-hand shouldn’t automatically mean not being eco-friendly, and at Mojo Boutique, we only use sustainable manufacturing techniques and materials to create our products.

Our Vintage Rattan Dining Chairs are an excellent example of this, with a simplistic and functional design brought to life through sustainably sourced rattan bursting with character. Matching boho with the functionality of mid-century modern furniture is clearly expressed in our design, which has been handmade by our talented Indonesian artisans using bespoke techniques that deliver quality and charm.

An issue with many genuine, vintage mid-century modern pieces is that Formaldehyde and other chemical coatings were used during manufacturing. Our 100% chemical-free designs ensure you can receive a similar look and style as mid-century modern favorites without causing any harm to the environment or those you love, paired with top quality and durability. 


What kind of wood is used in mid-century modern furniture?

Mid-century modern furniture predominantly used teak wood due to its high quality and ability to seamlessly blend with bold colors many designers used during this era. A main selling point of teak is its durability, with many sustainable designers still opting for this material today. 

What does mid-century modern furniture look like?

Mid-century modern furniture honed in on functionality, delivering simple and timeless pieces that remain sought after by homeowners and collectors. Often crafted from wood such as teak and oak, its simplicity makes it perfect for modern homes and minimalist designs. 


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