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Deck Lounge Chair 

Our delectable collection of deck lounge chairs offer a winning combination of comfort, style, longevity, and versatility. Whether you wish to unwind in the sun or catch-up with loved ones, our deck lounge chairs are bound to provide a serene retreat that swaddles you with comfort and facilitates restorative relaxation. 

If you are looking to adorn your deck area with new seating furniture, we kindly invite you to discover our complete collection of deck lounge chairs today! 

Unwind in Style & Comfort with Our Boho Deck Lounge Chairs

At Mojo Boutique, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. We have mindfully designed every silhouette within our deck lounge chair collection to provide superior comfort and elegant boho style. Our chairs are especially crafted to offer ergonomic support, while emanating a warm and rustic glow, making every item the perfect blend of functionality, style, and relaxation.

Whether you are seeking something retro, like our Vintage Rattan Chairs, or prefer something more refined, like our Contemporary Handmade Chairs, we can confidently assure you will be utterly enamored with our charming and tasteful deck lounge chair selection.   

How To Style Your Boho Deck Lounge Chair

Our entire deck lounge chair collection is purposefully designed to emanate neutral, earthy tones. This makes every item exceptionally versatile, and perfect for mixing and matching with other furniture — the opportunities for styling your boho deck lounge chair are truly endless!

You may choose to compliment your lounge chairs with our selection of bespoke deck coffee tables, such as our delightful Antique Natural Coffee Table. For the ultimate cozy deck space, you can also add some cushions and handwoven throws.

How We Craft Our Sustainable Boho Deck Lounge Chairs

At Mojo Boutique, sustainability and ethical craftship is at the center of our ethos. Every piece within our exclusive range of boho deck lounge chairs has been crafted with people and the planet in mind. 

Every material used to craft our collection has been responsibly sourced and harvested, to ensure we minimize waste and pollution. We also ensure every item is 100% chemical free and packaged using eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. 

Our responsible efforts extend beyond the materials we use. We also ensure our beloved craftspeople receive the gratitude and respect they deserve for their brilliant artistry. This means we work closely with our team to ensure their well-being, and do not engage in any shady sub-contracting or unethical work practices, such as sweatshop labor and unreasonable work hours. 

Additionally, we take full accountability for any CO2 emitted during the transportation process of our creations. To ensure we effectively give back to our precious planet, we measure how much CO2 we emit and accordingly offset our carbon footprint through several exciting conservation projects. You can discover more about our sustainability here

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How Do I Choose an Outdoor Lounge Chair?

The first step to choosing the right outdoor lounge chair is checking your available space. Be sure to measure how much clearance you have across your outdoor decking, to ensure you select a piece that will harmoniously fit. Another factor to consider is style. Be sure to select a lounge chair that compliments your home’s aesthetic and reflects your unique taste. 

At Mojo Boutique, we have mindfully crafted every chair to be stylistically timeless and versatile. This means our chairs will gracefully fit into your outdoor space, while gently uplifting the ambience of your home.

What Outdoor Furniture Lasts the Longest? 

Outdoor furniture is typically crafted from hardwood, such as teakwood, iron, rattan, and bamboo, as these materials tend to last the longest. 

At Mojo Boutique, we only use Mother Nature’s most resistant offerings, to ensure every item we craft is built-to-last. Within our deck lounge chair collection, you will find a plethora of sensational boho designs, all of which are sustainably handcrafted using responsibly sourced and robust materials. 

Can You Leave Rattan Outside All Year? 

Rattan is an exceptionally durable material that can withstand outdoor weather. However, to ensure your rattan deck lounge chair remains perfectly intact, you should always cover it during extreme weather, such as heatwaves and rainstorms. This will effectively protect your chair from any potential damage. 


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