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Living Room Lounge Chairs

The living room is a restorative space intended for relaxing and mingling with friends and family. The furniture you bring into your living room can transform the interior aesthetic, versatility, and comfort of your home. 

Our exclusive collection of sustainably handcrafted lounge chairs is purposefully designed to welcome togetherness, easement, and bohemian elegance into your sanctuary. Meticulously fortified using mother nature's most robust offerings, we guarantee our pieces will reliably support you and your loved ones for many lifetimes.

The Benefits of Sustainable Living Room Lounge Chairs

Inviting our stunning sustainable lounge chairs into your living room can present a magnitude of wonderful benefits. Our entire collection is slowly handcrafted to reduce waste and ensure our gifted artisans have enough time to channel all their love and passion into your precious item, ensuring a flawless, long-lasting piece. 

Unlike mass-produced furniture companies, we craft and cure our lounge chairs using the purest natural materials. This ensures you receive a toxin-free lounge chair that won’t disrupt or pollute your home’s environment. 

When it comes to comfort, our lounge chairs do not disappoint. We have conscientiously designed every silhouette to ensure your spine is supported, enabling tension to effortlessly release. This not only improves your relaxation but also promotes your wellbeing, encouraging positivity to flow while you enjoy some much deserved downtime. 

Aside from comfort, our lounge chairs additionally serve as an elegant statement piece in your living room. Like all our furniture at Mojo Boutique, the unparalleled artistry of contemporary bohemia inspired the design for each model within our lounge chair collection. 

Each piece is produced using unrefined natural materials to ensure a truly authentic boho aesthetic which emanates a soft, organic glow suited to any existing interior design. 

What Materials Make Stunning Living Room Lounge Chairs? 

At Mojo Boutique, we believe nature provides the best materials for crafting all kinds of furniture. Unlike synthetics, such as plastic, naturally grown materials can provide longevity and breathtaking finishes, especially when incorporated into seating furniture.  

When producing our living room lounge chairs, we use a combination of responsibly grown rattan, organic cotton, and repurposed wood, such as teak trunk. Each of these materials serve a unique purpose... 

Rattan is a durable material which has been used by artisans for centuries. This magnificent plant can be manipulated into intricate and airy handwoven designs which provides your space with a playful touch of texture, as seen in our charming Rustic Wooden Lounge Chair.

Wood can be smoothed to create a polished, sophisticated finish which can uplift your living room's interior. Wood also presents a variety of rich tones which can encourage feelings of warmth and coziness within your home. Our Mid-Century Bespoke Lounge Chair is an exquisite example of how old wooden furniture can be reborn to create a decadently refined piece. 

We use organic cotton to create the finishing touches on our lounge chairs. This textile creates a cloud-like cushion which enables you to completely succumb to relaxation, while also providing a refreshing decorative element which harmoniously marries with the warm wooden tones and rattan details, as seen in our romantic Bespoke Rattan Lounge Chair.

How To Style Your Living Room Lounge Chair

Our living room lounge chairs can be styled and arranged in many ways. If you wish to illuminate a dull, empty corner in your lounge space, you can place our chairs accordingly to enliven your interior. 

You may additionally pair our lounge chairs with a coffee table to create a convenient and accommodating space that’s perfect for catching up with loved ones, sipping a warm beverage and reading your favorite book.  

To spruce up your living room lounge chair, you can add a statement cushion, or perhaps, a throw blanket. This will add a soft touch to your interior, creating a homely and inviting feel.  


What’s The Purpose of a Living Room Lounge Chair? 

Living room lounge chairs are intended for relaxing in. Our chairs have been intentionally designed and crafted to withstand prolonged use and to reliably support you during moments of restoration, so you may effortlessly nurture your body and mind.

What’s The Difference Between a Lounge Chair and an Armchair?

A standard armchair often has a basic, upright back support structure whereas lounge chairs are more reclined to provide you with comfortability during prolonged moments of sitting. Our lounge chairs are available in a variety of unique silhouettes, all of which have been designed with your comfort in mind. 


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