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Children's Storage Trunks

Finding enough space for all your little one's belongings can be a struggle, and keeping their bedroom tidy and avoiding unnecessary clutter when possible is essential. However, we recognize that sometimes storage trunks designed for children's rooms can be less aesthetically pleasing, raising an issue if you're searching for something that oozes style and sophistication despite being placed in your child's bedroom.

One of the most important characteristics of children's furniture is that it should be durable and withstand wear and tear. One of the best ways to ensure this is the case is by selecting long-lasting materials that incorporate elegance within their designs. Often, bespoke storage trunks are best at delivering this, as artisans will work with specific materials that look beautiful while being high-quality.

Where to Find Bespoke Children's Storage Trunks

At Mojo Boutique, we specialize in creating handmade, bespoke furniture that elevates your interior style while being kind to the environment. We understand that selecting the perfect furniture for your child's nursery or bedroom can feel daunting as you want this space to be stylish and practical, but our trunk selection should put you at ease.

Consumers often lean toward plastic storage trunks due to their practicality, but unfortunately, these storage holders aren't aesthetically pleasing. Opting for storage trunks made from natural materials such as rattan provides a great alternative to plastics, with durable designs lasting years while looking excellent in your home.

Take our Handmade Wooden Storage Trunk, for example. Featuring a beautifully elegant design crafted from sustainably sourced rattan, you can be confident that this trunk delivers an aesthetically pleasing solution to storing your child's belongings. You can pair our trunk with various interior styles, perfect for creating a calm, serene environment due to its natural design.

Our bespoke creations are designed in Indonesia by talented artisans who implement traditional handcrafted techniques into each piece of furniture. Additionally, as our furniture features sustainably sourced materials, every creation is unique, adding to its charming and endearing nature.

How to Choose Children's Storage Trunks

Choosing furniture for your child's space can be challenging, as you have many factors to consider, from aesthetics, space, durability, and practicality. A storage trunk is one of the easiest ways to make your child's room a tidier space without diminishing the style of your interior, and you can seamlessly incorporate a trunk to be multifunctional.

Our Wooden Storage Trunk and Bench is the perfect example of this, providing you with the ideal opportunity to easily add a seating area and a storage solution into your child's bedroom. Designed from sustainable rattan, this trunk is built to withstand the weight of an average person while looking stylish due to its natural, woven appearance. 

We recommend trunks that can be doubled up as a bench and storage holder so you can optimize your space and spend less time worrying about keeping your child's area tidy. Instead, you can rely on our wooden storage trunk to store items, bringing a peaceful nature to your child's bedroom through a rattan design handmade by our skilled Indonesian artisans.


Do I Need a Storage Trunk for My Child's Bedroom? 

Positioning a storage trunk in your child's bedroom can be a versatile addition that creates more room as you can place unused items in it, optimizing your space while simultaneously improving your style.

Should I Double My Child's Storage Trunk as A Seat? 

Doubling your child's storage trunk as a seat or bench is an excellent way to optimize small areas and bedroom spaces with a multifunctional piece of practical furniture that provides a comfortable place to sit. 


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