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Our upcycled wooden breadbox collection delivers on both practicality and style, coming in a range of natural yet eye-catching styles that can enhance your kitchen aesthetic while keeping your loaf of bread fresh. Our wooden breadbox collection is designed with bespoke recycled wood, ensuring our products provide a robust and vintage appearance that goes hand in hand with doing our bit for the environment. So, keep your food fresh in style by investing in our charming wooden breadbox. 

Why Should You Buy an Upcycled Breadbox? 

At Mojo Boutique, our mission is to help our customers enhance their homes with beautifully and sustainably crafted furniture which stands out. Our handmade wooden breadboxes are made from upcycled wood, so you can be sure that our breadbox will contribute to your own eco-friendly goals!

Our planet-saving agenda is implemented in everything we do, from designing, finding materials, using plastic-free packaging, and planting a tree with every order placed. We believe that we can make a difference with every handcrafted piece of furniture, and of course, this goes for our breadboxes too. 

When purchasing a wooden breadbox crafted from upcycled wood, you can be confident that your piece of furniture is unique and unlike any other breadboxes on the market. This is because all upcycled wood is different and will have its own characteristics, which make it special.

Additionally, as tweak wood ages, its veins and knots become more apparent. These features go hand in hand with the rich brown shade becoming deeper, ensuring your breadbox will stand out on your kitchen counter, providing an aesthetically pleasing display like no other. 

Aesthetics aside, purchasing an upcycled breadbox has many environmental benefits that should be considered. Highly skilled artisans from Indonesia make our upcycled breadboxes, and we dedicate our time to supporting and ensuring our workers' needs are met. 

How Do We Guarantee That Our Upcycled Breadboxes Are Sanitary? 

Of course, you will use your breadbox to store bread, so the furniture must be sanitary and hygienic. Our upcycled wooden furniture is completely chemical-free, with the only coating and resin we use being coconut oil. Thus, you can trust that you can safely store your bread in our upcycled breadbox without fearing any chemical contamination or harmful materials will spoil your food. 

Breadboxes provide a sanitary means of storing bread and other food that spoils when exposed to moisture. Our durable breadboxes are cool and dark, making it difficult for moisture to form, ensuring your bread keeps for longer. Investing in a breadbox is a great way to ensure your bread has a longer shelf-life, helping to prevent waste and make the most out of your groceries. 


Why is Wood The Best Material For a Breadbox?

Wooden breadboxes are the best because they provide a cool and dark place to store a loaf of bread, ensuring it is kept fresh for days to come. Additionally, wooden breadboxes have a rustic and endearing aesthetic. 

Will a Breadbox Really Keep Bread Fresh?

With a breadbox, there is little chance for air to penetrate the bread, thanks to the dry and dark environment. Therefore, using a breadbox ensures your bread will stay fresh for longer and is prevented from going moldy. 

How Do You Clean a Breadbox? 

Using warm water with a gentle soap is the best way to clean debris from your breadbox without damaging the resin on the wooden surface. Also, keeping on top of removing crumbs from the box will help to stop bacteria from spreading. 


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