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Candle Holder

Purchase the perfect rustic accessory for your home with our handmade candle holders. Place these intricately designed pieces in any room for a delightful ambiance that provokes calming and happy emotions.

Our ornate candle holders provide a gorgeous way to enjoy candlelight by enveloping it in light, airy rattan for a soft and delicate radiance. Bring an intimate atmosphere to your space with beautifully crafted candle holders that accentuate your interior and provide elegant lighting. 

How To Create A Relaxing Environment Using Rattan Candle Holders

Set a romantic mood in any room with delicate lighting solutions that also provide gorgeous natural accents to your decor. Create the perfect environment to settle down and unwind after a long day by using our elegant candle holders to illuminate your space. The intricate craftsmanship in each product gives your interior a refreshing natural feel and is sure to become an impressive accessory throughout your home. 

Candles are the perfect way to create a soothing atmosphere in your home. House a variety of scented candles in our gorgeous selection of wooden candle holders for a calming and homey feel. Place our personalized candle holders amongst your living room, bedroom, or dining room interiors to set an intimate mood and create a pleasant multi-sensory experience. 

The natural accents of our candle holders work to evoke positive feelings in the viewer, giving the sense that you are surrounded by nature’s innate beauty. Display these ornate candle holders on our bespoke lounge tables or in the center of our wooden dining tables to enhance the intensity of your rustic interior. 

Are Our Personalized Candle Holders Made From Natural Materials?

Our exquisite selection of rattan candle holders is handcrafted using ancient Indonesian techniques and all-natural resources. Incorporate the beautiful art of woven rattan into your home through our intricate candle holders that emit a soothing ambiance for relaxation. 

Rattan is a wonderfully versatile and sustainable resource that looks spectacular in your home. The woven wooden textures bring a Boho-chic style to your interior and have become popular in modern homeware trends. Our rattan candle holders are eco-friendly and sustainable, making a safe and visually stunning addition to your decor. 

We make our natural products with both the environment and your general well-being in mind. Environments surrounded by wooden textures and natural materials can improve your physical and mental health, reducing negative thoughts and providing a safe space to decompress. 

Nature can benefit humans in unique and profound ways. By adorning your home in gorgeous natural accessories like our rattan candle holders, you can replicate the soothing effects of nature and feel refreshed and revived by your surroundings. 

Where Should You Display Your Bespoke Candle Holders?

Create a classy decorative display using our wooden candle holders. These Boho-inspired pieces look stunning in any room and are an excellent way to add gorgeous natural textures to your decor. Use them as a table centerpiece to create a sense of warmth and intimacy while relaxing in the lounge or sitting at the dinner table. 

Place your wooden candle holder in the kitchen to incorporate a cozy, rustic feel into your decor. Use a scented candle in your holder for a pleasant ambiance that is a treat for the eyes and the nose. If you have pets or young children nearby, our personalized candle holders look gorgeous without the need for a lit flame! Enjoy the natural beauty of our candle holders in a safe environment for all the family. 


Where Can You Find Eco-Friendly Candle Holders?

Mojo Boutique offers an exquisite range of recycled and upcycled furniture to embellish your space. Our rattan candle holders are made from natural rattan- a sustainable and eco-friendly resource. Rattan products are environmentally friendly and look amazing in your home. 

Why Is Wooden Furniture Better For Your Mental Well-being?

Being around wooden furniture can connect you to nature and stir positive feelings, reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Bring the outdoors into your home with our collection of beautifully crafted wooden furniture and feel the profound positive effects natural materials can have on your general well-being.


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