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Chairs within your home not only have practical uses but can be used to amplify your interior decor and add an extra layer of character to your design choices. Add a contemporary statement chair to any room for extra seating and natural charm. Our selection of hand-woven lounge chairs makes the perfect statement piece for those who want both style and comfort.

Enhance your dining space with gorgeous rattan chairs that emit calming natural energy for a relaxed dining experience. Made from robust, recycled materials, our selection of versatile handmade chairs is suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining. Add beautifully crafted vintage-style pieces to your dining table for a warm and cozy atmosphere! 

How Do You Style A Wooden Accent Chair? 

Accent chairs are popular furniture additions, adding depth to your design choices and making for powerful statement pieces in any room. You can place accent chairs in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or entryway! Since accent chairs are typically solitary items, you can afford to invest a little more into the perfect one for you. Our selection of comfortable lounge chairs is the ideal choice for those looking to add a beautifully natural and modern accent chair to their room. Our lounge chairs are perfect eco-friendly furniture options, made from sustainable rattan and woven cane.

The warm, neutral color palette of our lounge chairs is sure to complement any style of interior decor. The natural wooden design on each chair is visually stunning without being too overpowering. They add a quieter, calming element to your space, and can be enhanced with botanical patterned throws or bold cushions. Find the perfect place in your home for your lounge chair, where it can be used both visually and practically. Our masterfully crafted wooden chairs are not only visually stunning but also have luxurious comfort. Place your personalized chair in a spot that elevates your home decor while being accessible enough to use regularly. 

How Do Rattan Chairs Bring Natural Textures To Your Dining Room? 

Rattan is a highly sustainable and resilient material. It is a popular resource for creating furniture due to its flexible yet robust nature. When creating our upcycled furniture, sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Using fast-growing natural rattan and recycled materials to craft beautiful furniture items ensures an eco-friendly production process that you can feel comfortable supporting. 

Rattan creates a casual and inviting feel, perfect for the more relaxed methods of Boho-style furnishing and for maximum comfort. Using personalized rattan chairs can bring rich natural textures to your interior decor and add refreshing natural beauty to your dining room. Reinforce the natural splendor of rattan with plants, floral prints, and other natural materials. Our selection of dining room furniture pairs wonderfully with rattan chairs for a dining area that has a timeless, elegant style.


Why Are Rattan Chairs Popular?

Rattan is durable and can be woven into many intricate shapes and patterns. Natural wooden chairs have a chic, elegant style that is popular in Boho decor. They bring a warm and casual feel to your interior for a relaxed atmosphere.  

Where Should You Place An Accent Chair?

Accent chairs typically fill empty spaces in your primary seating areas. Our upcycled lounge chairs offer a blend of vintage and contemporary styles to make a stunning accent chair for any room. Accent chairs look inviting when placed on either side of a small end table or under a remarkable floor lamp.


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