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Changing Table

Bring the beauty of airy Boho aesthetics to your nursery with our personalized changing table. The intricate rattan design ensures quality and resilience so you can have confidence in the safety of your changing table. 

Enjoy its light wooden appeal and lay your baby on a comfortable surface while you take care of their needs. Make use of our handmade changing table’s functional storage space so you can take pleasure in a more efficient changing experience for you and your baby. 

How To Find Sustainable Changing Tables For Your Nursery

Mojo Boutique offers a unique selection of bespoke changing tables made from sustainable rattan. You can find our collection of eco-friendly baby and toddler furniture on the Mojo Boutique website to make mindful purchasing decisions for the benefit of our environment. 

We take great care to minimize our environmental impact when creating beautiful furniture pieces for your home. Our changing tables are masterfully crafted using natural materials and upcycled wood. Our handmade production process not only makes each piece unique but also foregoes heavy machinery in exchange for traditional weaving techniques that celebrate nature. 

Enjoy the plethora of benefits that come with investing in natural and sustainable furniture. Our wooden changing tables are free from harmful toxins that are typically found in various resins. When purchasing furniture made from upcycled and sustainable materials, you will never need to worry about damaging chemicals entering your home. 

Why Are Rattan Changing Tables The Best Choice For Your Nursery?

Invest in quality furniture for your baby’s room that fits with your personal style and has great practical uses. Our sustainable changing tables have intricate woven rattan detailing that creates gorgeous Boho aesthetics and promotes a calming atmosphere in your child’s bedroom. 

Invest in our bespoke changing tables that offer practical storage for your baby essentials without compromising on visual appearance. Our changing tables offer a luxurious comfort for your child as you go about giving them the best possible care. Create a space that both you and your baby can enjoy with stunning wooden features.

Natural materials can help create a happy environment where your baby will sleep, eat, learn, and grow. Stimulate your baby’s developing mind with calming wooden textures and the positive effects of nature. 

Are Our Handmade Changing Tables Safe For Your Baby?

Safety is the top priority when choosing furniture for your child. We take great care in ensuring our changing tables are sturdy and reliable so you can safely take care of your child’s needs. Our team of artisans, who ensure high standards in each piece, has crafted each changing table personally. Our changing tables are made from durable materials and are put together by professionals who know their trade inside and out. 

We offer a higher quality than most store-bought products, as dedicated amounts of time, love, and care are put into our products. Sourced from incredibly resilient and premium resources, our changing tables give your baby a comforting but safe and stable space to lay their head. 

Our practical changing tables provide ample storage space to hold your essentials. Keep everything you need on hand and never lose crucial products. Create an efficient changing routine with our changing table that is resistant to potential leaks and easy to wipe clean. Our changing tables are made from natural rattan, ensuring that no harmful chemicals will enter your baby's room through our products.  


Do You Need A Changing Table For Your Nursery? 

While changing tables is not essential, many parents find it helpful to set up a dedicated space for changing their baby. Keeping all your baby-changing products in one place will help you stay organized and make the process more efficient. Our sustainable changing tables offer a sturdy place to change your baby and store excess products. 

Where Can You Find Matching Baby Furniture? 

Mojo Boutique offers a gorgeous range of handmade baby and toddler furniture. Create a uniform space with our matching rattan changing table and crib for a calming and natural atmosphere. 


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