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Chest Of Drawers

Invest in our rattan chest of drawers for reliable storage that looks incredible. Our collection of wooden drawers will effortlessly evoke a sense of calm and contentment that can only be achieved through natural materials. Create a stunning centerpiece for your bedroom or living room and safely store your valuables. The delicate blend of vintage and Boho aesthetics are sure to enhance any living space and create an atmosphere where you can find peace and tranquility. 

How To Find Handmade Chest Of Drawers Online

Mojo Boutique offers a range of personalized drawers to beautifully furnish your home. We use high-quality, organic wood to build our furniture, which brings with it a history that unravels with time. With Mojo Boutique, you can purchase furniture that has meaning. Unlike commercial products that are produced quickly by the masses, our furniture is unique, offering you one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be found in your local store. 

We use and repurpose existing resources to make our furniture. We recycle wood from various places, like old furniture, collapsed houses, and various wooden objects that have been disregarded. 

We transform these old pieces through a natural upcycling process to bring value back to what was once considered worthless. By sourcing recycled materials, we can make each piece completely original. Each furniture item has its own origin, revitalized as a stunning and modern piece for your home. 

Our timeless chest of drawers will fit with any decor. Built from premium quality materials by talented experts, you can be sure that your furniture will last for years. Invest in adaptable furniture that you won’t outgrow. Our natural chest of drawers will continue to be a gorgeous addition to your space, even as your decor style changes and develops. 

What Makes Our Handmade Chest Of Drawers Sustainable?

Mojo Boutique strives for complete sustainability in everything we do. We take our environmental impact into consideration at every step in our process, from gathering resources to production to packaging the final product and sending it to your home. Since our products are all made by hand, we make our furniture in small batches to reduce waste and ensure the best working conditions for our artisans.

Our bespoke wooden drawers are crafted from sustainable rattan and upcycled wood. We adhere to zero-waste practices so our customers can make a more mindful choice when purchasing from the Mojo Boutique website. 

Instead of taking from nature, we wish to give back to it. Through our trusted partner, we plant a tree with every order in an active approach to improving our natural environment. 

How Can Bespoke Drawers Enhance Your Living Space?

Purchasing large furniture pieces online like our personalized chest of drawers may seem daunting. However, with our free returns policy, you can feel at ease and purchase our bespoke products risk-free. Our stylish set of drawers brings a sophisticated look to any space, both large and small. 

Our natural chest of drawers provides ample storage to hide away clutter and organize your home. Feel a wave of relief wash over you as you enjoy your newly revitalized living space with our reliable drawers that add a beautiful, natural touch to your home decor

Place our upcycled chest of drawers in the bedroom to enhance the natural aesthetics. Feel at peace while enjoying the warm tones of the wooden frame and woven rattan details. Alternatively, you could elevate your living space by decorating it with our rattan drawers. The stunning wooden textures will easily match your existing furniture and bring life to your space.


How Can I Use My Wooden Chest Of Drawers?

Our drawers offer spacious storage for your clothes or miscellaneous items. These exquisite pieces can serve a plethora of uses, including a stylish TV stand, decorative lounge storage, or set it up in the kitchen as a gorgeous coffee station. Our chest of drawers is sure to spark joy in any room of your home. 

Is Handmade Furniture More Sustainable?

Yes. Handmade furniture is often more sustainable as they are made in small volumes or on a needs basis. This vastly reduces production costs and waste materials, generating a lower carbon footprint. Mojo Boutique uses sustainable resources to build furniture, making our products eco-friendly.


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