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Entryway Bench with Storage

While the practical sense of an entryway is to walk into your home, this activity can become overcomplicated when your family kicks their shoes off on the front doormat or when one bag on the floor accumulates to several. Your passage can become cluttered, and the easiest way to eliminate this clutter is by placing a storage holder in your entryway.

However, thinking functionally can set your home apart, and an entryway bench is the perfect piece of furniture to be multifunctional. Sit while you untie your shoelaces, and pop your shoes away in the storage box once you’re finished, ensuring your entryway never suffers from mess again.

At Mojo Boutique, we have artisanal storage trunks that bring style to your home, a far cry from unsightly plastic storage containers. And, thanks to the durable wood we use, you can enjoy using your storage trunk as a bench too. 

How to Add an Entryway Bench to Your Home

If your entryway or hallway has limited amounts of space, adding a bench can seem like a tricky task. But there are ways you can seamlessly add an entryway bench into your home to leverage the tidiness of your space without taking up too much room. 

Our Wooden Storage Trunk and Bench is the perfect addition to an entryway, with a width of 28 inches, making it just the right size for even the narrowest halls. We recommend placing your entryway bench underneath a mirror or shelf, as this creates a more defining visual focal point than having the bench stand alone. 

On the other hand, you could place your entryway bench adjacent to your entryway if you have a large enough porch space. This provides a more laid-back, practical approach as you can place items on or inside the bench and pick them up as you leave home. 

However you choose to add a bench to your home, selecting a wooden design is a great way to ensure you implement additional storage while enhancing your home’s visual appearance. 

Where to Find Sustainable Wooden Entryway Storage Benches

A top priority for many interior design enthusiasts is finding furniture that looks great while being environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced. At Mojo Boutique, we share this view and implement sustainability into our creations.

Our wooden storage benches are handcrafted from upcycled and sustainably sourced wood. We work with Indonesian harvesters who know precisely when to harvest on the plantation, ensuring no plants are harmed when sourcing our first-hand natural materials.

When it comes to our upcycled wood, we take this wood from old furniture and objects made from solid wood that are no longer serving their purpose. Teak wood is one of our favored types of wood to select due to the natural oil retained that ensures it ages well. In fact, teak wood gets better with age, with its color becoming warmer. 

Of course, all upcycled wood is sanded, polished, and treated to look high-quality. We only use natural processes to ensure no harmful chemicals are involved in our upcycling process. The result? Beautiful, bespoke, handcrafted entryway storage benches that look magnificent with various interiors. 


Should I Add A Storage Bench to My Entryway? 

Storage benches look striking in an entryway, providing a practical place to store items. This multifunctional piece of furniture can store any items you typically reach for when leaving your home, from shoes to keys, wallets, and bags.

Why are Wooden Storage Trunks Better? 

Wooden storage trunks are better than plastic alternatives as they are much more durable, holding the weight of more heavy-duty items and withstanding the wear and tear that plastic would show. Wood is a much more aesthetically pleasing option and fits modern and traditional home styles.


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