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Coat/Clothes Rack

Keep your favorite clothes within reach with a beautiful woven rattan clothes rack. A light, wooden clothes rack is a stylish way to display your chosen garments and will give your bedroom a hint of Boho style. Providing both beauty and functionality, our clothes rack delivers ample storage for your treasured pieces. 

Our stunning rattan coat rack also serves practical use while fitting in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. Made from sustainable natural rattan, our coat hooks have charming designs and can be installed anywhere in your home for a timeless, natural feel.

How To Find An Eco-Friendly Coat/Clothes Rack

Mojo Boutique offers quality natural coat/clothes racks made sustainably from recycled and regenerating materials. We strive to give back to nature through our decorative upcycled furniture pieces and healthy ecological practices that ensure the preservation of natural resources. We work in conjunction with talented craftspeople in Indonesia and help them make a fulfilling livelihood by building remarkable furniture for your home, while also taking care of the environment.

We make our products in small batches to control our environmental impact and promote the best working conditions for our artisans. Our clothing and coat racks are made from natural rattan- a fast-growing and eco-friendly material. This versatile resource not only looks beautiful but can also be woven and formed into exquisite designs that elevate furniture pieces and give them an airy, ethereal atmosphere. 

Our stunning coat/clothes racks are durable, long-lasting, and reliable. Invest in exceptional furniture that is built to last. Make our elegant clothing racks a statement piece in your bedroom and add a natural flair to your home decor. Our coat hooks provide a refined place to store your outdoor jackets, with intricate designs that add a unique artistic charm to any room. 

How Are Our Rattan Clothing Racks Better For Your Clothes?

Rattan is a highly sturdy material that can easily withstand heavier weights. The expert craftsmanship put into every clothing rack ensures a durable item that lasts longer and looks nicer than cheaper options. Our wooden clothing racks provide a visually pleasing space to display your favorite clothes and will complement any style of interior decor. 

There are several advantages to storing your clothes on a gorgeous handmade clothing rack. Your item will not only be completely original and naturally stunning but can also help to keep clothes fresh by providing ample circulation that prevents any musty smells. Hanging your clothes on a personalized clothing rack is also a great way to incorporate your stylish clothing pieces into your decor! 

With our upcycled clothing racks, you can easily visualize your clothing items and put outfits together easier. The elegant natural elements of our clothing racks are the perfect way to add a touch of vintage or Boho-style decor to your bedroom and make a sophisticated addition to your interior. 

How To Find Robust Wooden Coat Racks

You can find beautifully robust coat racks on the Mojo Boutique website. Store your outerwear on handwoven coat racks that integrate seamlessly with your existing decor. Bring a touch of Scandinavian minimalism into your home for a refined, clean feel to your interior. The natural beauty of our wooden coat hooks ensures a delightful place for you and your guests to hang your jackets, whether it be in your hallway, dining room, or entryway. 

Our team of dedicated artisans spends time on each piece, ensuring the best quality in the furniture they make. Crafted from traditional weaving methods, our bespoke coat racks are reliable and long-lasting, making your investment worthy. The timeless elegance of our coat racks ensures to fit with any interior and will make a wonderful addition to any home. 


Where Do You Put Coat Hooks?

Our bespoke coat hooks look remarkable in any room and will generate a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home. Install our wooden coat racks to store hats, umbrellas, and various outerwear clothing wherever you best see fit. 

Why Do I Need A Handmade Clothing Rack?

Our handmade clothing racks are crafted to the highest quality from sustainable resources, making them eco-friendly. They are also a visually pleasing way to display your favorite garments and make a striking statement piece for your bedroom interior.


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