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Handmade Wooden Highboard / Cupboard 

We at Mojo Boutique believe online furniture shopping shouldn’t compromise quality. So our handmade wooden highboard/cupboard collection delivers a rustic aesthetic that will make any home feel more atmospheric. From practical elements such as storage space to striking shelves to show off art, our highboards are a sure way to transform any living area into a boho haven. 

Crafted from sustainably sourced and natural rattan, you can be sure that investing in our wooden cupboards will not only benefit the way your home looks but will also positively affect the environment due to their eco-friendly creations. 

How To Find a Rattan Cupboard 

Rattan is a versatile and durable material used in many different types of furniture. At Mojo Boutique, we use sustainably sourced rattan from a plantation, working closely with harvesters to ensure we do everything we can to produce eco-friendly products. 

Our rattan furniture is created by highly skilled artisans that dedicate extensive time to producing high-quality designs that look classy but will last a long time. Rattan is an excellent material to use in any room of your home because it doesn’t change when exposed to the sun, so you can be confident, no matter where you place your cupboard, that its quality will not vary. 

When finding a rattan cupboard, it is essential to assess the height of the cupboard you would like. Within our handmade wooden highboard cupboard collection, we have options for cupboards in a highboard size range that allows you to store utensils, books, artwork, or whatever you please! 

Once you have decided on the height of the cupboard you require and the draw/shelf space you need, you can check out our entire collection of rattan cupboards and choose according to your needs. 

Some of our options are tailored to customers with larger items to store on shelves, providing a unique and practical way to display these items. Underneath the shelve section of our highboards are drawers and storage compartments, ensuring that investing in one of our highboard will benefit the way you store items.   

How Can Highboards Improve My Living Space? 

Investing in a highboard is the perfect way to enhance the appearance of any room as they create great spacial dimension and a more diverse environment. Our rooms often consist of similar furniture sizes, but a highboard ensures a unique furniture height in your interior that allows you to store more items tidily.

Whether you opt for minimalist decor or like things to be more chaotic, our high cupboards are designed to fit your environment perfectly. Crafted from sustainable rattan, our recycled furniture adds character to your living space with unique and natural designs that you can’t find anywhere else. 

We recommend using a rattan highboard to set a tranquil and boho mood in your home, paired with other upcycled wooden furniture to bring this rustic vision to life. 


What is Rattan Furniture? 

Rattan furniture is created from a plant material called rattan, which is grown on plantations in hot climates. This type of furniture is popular due to its durability and versatility. 

How Do You Upcycle Wood? 

We upcycle wood by finding recycled wood from previous furniture or items not being used, removing any nails or paint, and sanding and polishing it. From here, the wood is ready to be crafted into a new design and repurposed. 

What is a Highboard? 

A highboard is usually taller than a chest of drawers but lower than a tall cupboard. They are the perfect size for homes that may not have high ceilings, as they combine different storage elements into one unit.


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