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Living Room Coffee Table

Bring the organic essence of bohemia into your lounge space with our delectable selection of living room coffee tables. Each piece is designed with naturalistic beauty and convenience in mind so that our eco-friendly coffee tables will make an exceptionally versatile statement to your living room. 

To ensure you receive a custom piece that is both gorgeous and long-lasting, our beloved team of gifted artisans slowly handcraft each item at a time, to ensure they can channel all of their magnificent artistry and love into your unique item.  

We have an abundant selection of silhouettes available to choose from, ranging in size, style, and height, so you may discover a coffee table that resonates with your personal taste.

What Makes Our Living Room Coffee Tables Sustainable?

Like all our furniture at Mojo Boutique, every item part of our living room coffee table range has been ethically and sustainably handcrafted. 

To ensure waste is kept to a minimum and that you receive a perfect piece, our talented makers work on a made-to-order basis. This additionally enables our craftspeople to work on a relaxed schedule, ensuring they are not overloaded with too many projects, unlike mass-produced furniture which is often created in unethical sweatshop factories.

In coherence with our conscious-consumerism ethos, we only source organically grown materials. Rattan is among our favorite materials to use when creating living room coffee tables. This spectacular plant is capable of growing hundreds of meters in length at a rapid pace, making it exceptionally renewable. 

To ensure we abide by sustainable practices when growing and harvesting our rattan, we do not use any pollutant chemicals to grow these plants, nor do we cut the stems prematurely, as this can prevent regrowth. 

We also salvage and upcycle old wooden furniture when building our living room coffee tables. This prevents wastefulness, by keeping materials in rotation and giving old furniture a new life. Teak wood is among our favorite materials to re-work due to its extraordinary resilience and stunning rich color. 

To ensure you receive a coffee table that is 100% toxin-free, we strip any harmful curing agents that were previously applied to our repurposed wood, and sand down any flaws so you receive a smooth, glimmering item.

When preparing our pieces for transport, we use plastic-free packaging which is eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that your order won’t contribute to any unnecessary waste. 

To further help conserve our planet, we have implemented several exciting environmental projects, including a partnership with South Pole and One Tree Planted. This enables us to effectively give back to our Earth by offsetting any CO2 released during the transportation of our items. 

Aside from protecting our earth from pollution, we also wish to protect your home’s environment. To ensure our furniture is completely safe and free from harmful chemicals, we do not use compounds such as formaldehyde to cure our materials. Instead, we use pure coconut oil to deliver a radiant finish. 

How To Choose The Best Natural Living Room Coffee Table For Your Sanctuary

We understand the importance of feng shui, at Mojo Boutique, which is why we have designed a multitude of living room coffee tables in a variety of heights, sizes, and styles. This ensures you can find a piece which meets your individual preferences. 

The best way of choosing the right item for your restorative oasis is by measuring the height of your seating furniture. Allowing a minimum of 1 to 2” below your seat will enable you to create a balanced space that allows you to seamlessly reach for any necessities resting on your coffee table, without getting up. 

Our coffee tables have many charming features which serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Our Grace Coffee Table is ideal for those who wish to declutter their lounge space, due to this model's discrete rattan compartment.

For those looking for a touch of character and texture, our extravagant Ella Coffee Table will certainly suffice. This irresistible piece features handwoven rattan swirls which emanate playful character.  


How Do I Choose a Living Room Coffee Table? 

Choosing a coffee table which is built-to-last and stylistically versatile will ensure you welcome a forever piece into your home. It is additionally important to take accurate measurements prior to buying any piece so that your living room has enough space to accommodate your new edition. 

How Much Clearance Should Be Around My Coffee Table?

The general rule of thumb when incorporating a coffee table into your living room is to allow a minimum of 12 to 18” between your seating furniture and table. This will ensure you do not disrupt the functionality of your home. 


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