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Explore our selection of rustic daybeds on the Mojo Boutique website to bring a contemporary flair to your indoor or outdoor spaces. Our handmade daybeds bring a unique aesthetic appeal with a warm, neutral color palette and striking natural features. They are brilliantly functional, offering a broad range of purposes in your home. 

Relax in an air of positivity with exquisite daybeds that provide a place of comfort for times of peace and quiet. Provide guests a stylish place to sleep or elevate your hallway with our versatile daybeds. 

How Can Our Rattan Daybeds Enhance Your Interior?

Daybeds are unique pieces of furniture that can help you design a comforting space dedicated to peaceful relaxation. Rattan is the ideal material for our daybeds, providing fashionable yet laid-back qualities that promote the ideal atmosphere for tranquil leisure. 

Daybeds are practical for smaller spaces, fitting comfortably in empty corners of your room. If you have limited space for guests to stay, invest in a quality daybed that you can place anywhere in your home! Doubling as a bed and sofa, these versatile furniture pieces can enhance the interior of any room with fascinating rattan details. 

Keep your daybed as a decorative Boho-inspired seating option and use it as an extra bed when there are guests visiting. You can place our natural daybeds in your living room, bedroom, or sunroom and they will not look out of place. The contemporary wooden aesthetic is sure to blend into your existing decor and can be personalized with cushions and bedding to bring out its full rustic charm. 

Why Do You Need A Natural Daybed In Your Home?

Daybeds offer a unique function in your home that differs from a sofa bed or futon. Our marvelous range of rattan daybeds looks striking in entryways or hallways as a convenient bench, or at the foot of your bed as a place to throw your laundry at the end of the day. 

Daybeds offer a wide range of purposes and make a gorgeous addition to your decor with light, wooden textures. The elegance of our personalized daybeds ensures to provide a luxurious, modern charm in your interior while providing the perfect place to read, rest, or sleep. Style your daybed in a multitude of ways to achieve different looks and purposes. Arrange decorative pillows on your daybed and place them next to a wooden coffee table for a more sofa-like appearance. 

The light rattan nature of our elegant daybeds makes them ideal for outdoor use. Place our wooden daybeds on your patio to create a stunning seating area where you can enjoy the natural world amongst comforting woven rattan. Our daybeds offer a soothing space to unwind and elevate any corner of your home. 

Are Our Wooden Daybeds Sustainable?

You can find a bespoke collection of rattan daybeds at Mojo Boutique. Purchase our sustainably sourced daybeds online and receive an artistic piece made entirely from natural and recycled materials. Decorate your home with personalized daybeds that express your passions and beliefs. 

Our handmade furniture is steeped in tradition, with vast amounts of love and care put into each piece. Through our work, we encourage customers to make mindful choices and strive to better our planet. We upcycle old materials to make our intricate wooden furniture and source naturally regenerating materials like rattan to bring unique decor to your home. 

We operate with the utmost care being taken for our environment. Every step in our process is taken with our environmental impact in mind, providing eco-friendly solutions in everything from our craft to our packaging. Invest in handmade furniture and encourage a positive change in our world. 


What Is A Daybed?

A daybed is an elegant furniture piece that serves as a bed and sofa combo. It is the perfect accessory for lounging around or taking a peaceful midday nap. Enjoy the refreshing aesthetics of our natural daybeds for the ideal scene for rest and relaxation. 

Where Should You Put A Rattan Daybed?

Our wooden daybeds are wonderfully versatile, enhancing the interior of any room you place them in! Put your rattan daybed outside as a functional seating area, or place it in your dining room as a beautiful natural accent piece.


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