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Desk Chair

Our collection of desk chairs, part of our seating furniture range, have been custom-built, by our dearest artisanal masters, to inspire the mind and illuminate your soul. 

Whether or not your office is at home, we advocate that a dull environment can affect your inner positivity, which can disrupt the passion you pour into your work. Your study space should be soothing and homely, to encourage contentment and diminish strain. We have upheld this notion when creating our spectacular variety of bohemian desk chairs.

Purchasing from our range will provide you with luxurious support, ensuring that you work both comfortably and efficiently. We have specifically designed each chair to seamlessly pair with our delightful range of handcrafted desk tables.

At Mojo Boutique we inspire every piece around the wonders found throughout our natural world. Our craftspeople have dedicated their time and devoted their energy to personalize every item around every swirl, speckle and tessellation painted by mother nature. This subsequently provides you with a wondrously unique item unlike any other.

In keeping with our yearning for a cleaner planet, every item has been sustainably handmade using some of nature's finest gifts including rattan, upcycled teak wood, and natural cane. By utilizing these materials during the production of every piece, we can promise that you are buying a desk chair of the highest quality, with a stunningly earthy finish. 

Unlike most mass-produced homeware, our creations only incorporate natural processes, avoiding artificial chemicals at all costs, so that we can promise your piece is harmless to you and our planet. 

How Our Chairs Can Help You 

We handcraft our desk chairs with your well-being in mind. We have consciously built each item to elevate your comfortability, in turn, boosting your energy and maximising your productivity. 

Because we have embraced the minimalistic aesthetic of purist design, we can confidently assure you that our desk chairs will effortlessly fit into the interior of your living area, and become a cherished addition to your desk space.  

We have especially curated the entirety of our collection to depict our earth's organic warmth. In keeping with this design, we have cultivated our products to emanate feelings of serenity to pacify unwanted stress, additionally promoting comfort and invigorating your self-willingness to be productive.

We understand that sitting down for prolonged moments can negatively affect your body, causing spinal strain and pelvic discomfort. Purchasing our desk chairs will help prevent feelings of physical uneasiness, as we have incorporated ergonomic silhouettes and supportive cushioning to accommodate to your posture. 

Aside from your physical and emotional wellness, our desk chairs will also become a prosperous investment. Our artisans have logically crafted each piece to foster durability and longevity, ensuring that you are making a wise purchase that will improve your well-being and free you from the painstaking financial costs of having to repurchase in the future.


What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Desk Chair?

A good desk chair should be sturdy and comfortable to promote a steady workflow. Our chairs have been designed to promote physical and emotional support, using robust, eco-conscious materials and a soothing color palette to sustainably craft each piece   

Is It Worth Buying An Expensive Desk Chair?

The chair you chose for your desk space can massively impact the quality of your work. By purchasing from our charming range of bespoke desk chairs, you are investing in a long-lasting piece that will enhance your productivity for years to come, which will actually save you the unwanted expense of having to repurchase a new chair in the future.


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