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Dining Table 

Eating at a table is an ancient tradition that grounds us to practice historical discipline and encourages us to seize precious moments. Our breathtaking collection of rustic dining tables grants you the greatest privilege of welcoming loved ones to bond over a nourishing meal and embrace the intimate enactment of communal dining. 

Dining as a family is a sacred time that stimulates bonding and brings forth moments of bliss and contentment. We believe that dining tables are the centre point for these precious occasions, and have therefore utilized every increment of care and thought during the production of each piece in our collection. 

In coherence with our conscious consumerism promise, our beloved artisans have upheld sustainable practices with every piece, fortifying each dining table by recycling and upcycling the most beautiful woods that nature has to offer. Some materials involved during production include bohemian wicker, woven cane and raw teak trunk. 

Every dining table in our collection is crafted slowly and carefully to ensure that your purchase arrives flawless, exactly as you envision it. By hand-making our tables to order, we can confidently assure you that your item will be of superior quality. 

We would like to emphasize that our ongoing implementation of slow, sustainable production is kinder to our planet and creators, as it ensures ethical practice and reduces waste. This means you will make a feel-good purchase that has a low impact on our atmosphere and supports the local craftspeople of Indonesia. 

Are Our Tables Food Safe? 

At Mojo Boutique, we passionately advocate that everyone deserves a healthy, prosperous life. Investing in one of our dining tables will not only provide your home with an exquisite, bohemian centerpiece but will also ensure that you are welcoming a safe item into your sanctuary. 

Sadly, most products in today’s furniture market contain toxic precursors such as formaldehyde. Over time, these chemicals become volatile emitting dangerous toxins into your safe space, and are especially dangerous for children to encounter. Thankfully, we offer complete clarity with your purchase as our dining tables only use natural, raw materials, making them long-lasting, and 100% food safe. 

How Will Our Dining Tables Suit Your Living Space?

To ensure your item will graciously fall into place, we have subsumed a minimalist design with every table, granting you the freedom to add a personal touch. Whether it be with placement mats, a table runner or a statement vase, our dining tables will effectively complement your home accessories, and delicately support your overall interior aesthetic.

Our artisan experts have personalized each dining table to embrace the organic textures of the wood used, and accentuate the naturally warming hues. Purchasing our dining tables will provide your home with a unique piece that elegantly illustrates a story of earth’s organic beauty, facilitating a wholesome atmosphere in your retreat. 

Buying from our collection will not only suit your dining space but it will also elevate it. By making one of our pieces your own, you will invite the positive energy used to thoughtfully create each piece, into your home. 

Because our dining tables embody the earthy, soothing essence of mother nature, we are certain that such positivity will beam into your space, ensuring that your environment is conducive to your family's happiness.


What Type Of Dining Tables Are In Trend?

At Mojo Boutique we produce every product to withstand prolonged use. In doing so, we reject short-lived trends, replacing such with timelessly classic designs to ensure that your item becomes a lifelong investment and will remain in your home for many years to come.

What Colour Dining Table Should I get?

We believe that the rustic tones of nature should be embraced in every home to promote warmth and tranquility. We have subsequently left every piece within our dining table collection unbleached, preserving the magnificent artwork of mother nature.


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