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Dressing Table

Our wooden dressing table collection is bursting with incredible handmade designs that 

stand out from other dressing tables on the market. Crafted in an eco-friendly and ethical way, our dressing tables offer style in a sustainable means. We use recycled materials such as rattan to create our dressing tables, ensuring they are durable while providing our customers with a unique style. Transform your bedroom’s aesthetic with one of our handmade wooden dressing tables!

How Our Dressing Tables Improve Your Bedroom 

Dressing tables are great features to add to a bedroom, adding dimension and a place to store your daily essentials such as makeup, jewelry, and beauty products. Our range of dressing tables at Mojo Boutique provides the perfect place to store these items while ensuring you have a specific spot in your bedroom to get ready. 

Our wooden dressing tables are handcrafted by talented local artisans in Indonesia, who inject their passion and culture into our furniture to deliver beautiful designs. We source durable and long-lasting wood for our dressing tables, which goes through an upcycling process to ensure the quality is restored and will stand the test of time.

With many types of wood, such as teak wood, different aesthetical elements get better over time. This is due to the veins and knots becoming more visible, along with the reddish-brown shade deepening, creating a striking visual appearance that can’t be matched with other first-hand designs. 

Our wooden dressing tables are made from materials such as rattan, adding a natural boho style to a bedroom and making your room feel more relaxed. Aside from its aesthetic benefits, rattan is also a potential tool in forest maintenance, making it a great material to upcycle and invest in. 

Rattan and durable wooden materials come together to embrace a circular mirror in the center of your dressing table, providing you with a classy way to do your makeup and get ready. In addition, our dressing tables have curved edges, making them perfect for adding to a corner of your room or any complex spaces where you may usually have trouble placing furniture. 

How To Find Eco-Friendly Dressing Tables Online

Mojo Boutique has a diverse range of sustainably sourced dressing tables, perfect for any minimalist and boho home or bedroom. Within our range, you will notice that all our designs are unique; all upcycled wood has special features, ensuring your design will be like no other on the market. 

If being eco-friendly is your priority, you can be confident that your ecological passions will be honored at Mojo Boutique. For every order placed, we plant a tree in Indonesia. We will even send you the tree certificate, which you can put in your name or dedicate to someone else!

All of our furniture is sustainably created in Indonesia by local artisans, using upcycled wood to develop sophisticated wooden furniture. Our wooden dressing tables are handmade and are carefully designed to ensure they are the perfect size for bedrooms while having essential features such as a mirror and protective sides.

Our dressing tables are available online, and we have extensive information and high-quality photography used throughout our site to ensure you can find the dressing table of your dreams!

How To Create a Boho-Style Bedroom 

Having a seamless boho style throughout your bedroom will ensure your bedroom is more than just a place you sleep, but a hub for peace and tranquility. This boho style can be created by adding our handmade wooden dressing table and embellishing it with other upcycled wooden furniture, such as a jewelry box

Wooden furniture is the best for creating a Boho aesthetic as you can incorporate different textures and rustic shades without any vivid color clashing. Additionally, upcycled wood often has more unique characteristics that can be tricky to find in standard furniture from high-street stores. 

You can add to your wooden boho paradise bedroom by using delicate cotton cushions and blankets, ensuring your bedding is just as laidback as the furniture it will adorn. 


What material is used for a dressing table?

The most popular materials for dressing tables are wood and metal. Overall, wood brings a more aesthetically pleasing finish to a bedroom and can be made as minimal or extravagant as the user would like. 

Which color is best for the dressing table?

Neutral tones are best when buying a dressing table as they never go out of style and are versatile enough to be incorporated with different color schemes that may be used throughout your bedroom and interiors.


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