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Elegant Boho Deck Furniture 

Embrace the luxurious and elegant beauty of boho deck furniture into your home. From rattan coffee tables to cozy sofas, we have everything you need to create ultimate boho deck space. 

Every item within our collection showcases the remarkable artistry of our expert artisans, which has been crafted using the most durable and sustainable materials mother nature has to offer, ensuring your purchase is both long lasting and environmentally friendly. 

We warmly welcome you to explore our complete collection today to discover a handcrafted piece that resonates with your unique style!

What Is Deck Furniture?

Deck furniture refers to furniture that is specially designed to be placed in outdoor spaces, such as decks, balconies, and patios. This furniture type includes a multitude of wonderful seating options and accessories, such as loungers, coffee tables, cushions, umbrellas and so forth. 

Here at Mojo Boutique, all our deck furniture is responsibly crafted using natural, unrefined materials, such as bamboo and rattan. 

These materials make delightful outdoor furnishings because of their robust nature and stunning color. We additionally give old wooden furniture a new life, by upcycling items such as boats and cupboards. We often salvage old hardwood, such as teakwood, as this is among the most long-lasting materials for deck furniture.

The Benefits of Owning Our Boho Deck Furniture

Boho design offers an exceptionally charming and versatile aesthetic. When incorporated into the creation of deck furniture, a true masterpiece is formed, offering both versatility and endless beauty! Below, we detail the benefits of owning our boho deck furniture:

  • Uplifts Your Outdoor Aesthetic: 
  • Our deck furniture incorporates both boho and purist design, combining earthy splendor with minimalism. This ensures every item in our collection can subtly uplift your home without disrupting your unique style or existing exterior. In other words, our boho deck furniture makes the perfect complement to any home!

  • Lifelong Investment:
  • Because we only use the most robust and resistant materials to craft our delectable range of deck furniture, we assure longevity with every order, making your purchase a lifelong investment! 

  • 100% Natural & Eco-Friendly: 
  • Sustainability is within the heart and soul of Mojo Boutique. We promise every item sold at our boutique is crafted with 100% natural and chemical-free materials that are responsibly sourced and ethically crafted, keeping our customers and the planet happy!

  • Versatile & Modular:
  • Every item in our deck furniture collection is designed to be versatile, meaning you can mix and match between different pieces, and even combine our creations with your own furnishings at home! We additionally offer a variety of silhouettes and sizes, so you can easily rearrange and customize your deck furniture set-up. 

  • Offers Exceptional Comfort:
  • Our creations are handcrafted with support and comfortability in mind. We have mindfully designed every piece to ensure you are swaddled with comfort during moments of relaxation spent on your deck area. 

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    How Do I Arrange My Deck Furniture?

    There’s a multitude of ways you can mix and match deck furniture to create an arrangement that fits your available deck space. Be sure to take accurate measurements of your deck are so you know how much space you have to fill. 

    Whichever arrangement you choose, ensure you have an equal balance of deck furniture, such as seating and side tables, so that your outdoor space is cohesive and functional.  

    Can Deck Furniture Be Left Outside?

    Our deck furniture is purposefully designed and crafted to withstand outdoor conditions. While our pieces offer superior quality, certain weather conditions, such as rainstorms, extreme heat, and snow, may affect the longevity of our pieces. 

    To ensure your purchase remains intact and lasts a lifetime, you can use UV and water-resistant covers to effectively protect your furniture from harsh weather.   

    What Is The Most Weather Resistant Outdoor Furniture?

    Hardwoods, such as teak, are among the most weather resistant materials used to craft outdoor furniture. At Mojo Boutique, we offer a plethora of teak wood furnishings and decor, all of which is handcrafted using upcycled teak wood items. 


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