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Wooden Lounge Chair

Nothing creates a homely, cozy vibe like a wooden lounge chair. With neutral tones that set a relaxing feeling, providing versatility and enabling your chair to fit with various home styles, you can get as creative as you wish with a wooden lounge chair or allow your furniture piece to be the focal point of your room.

At Mojo Boutique, our wooden lounge chairs are one-of-a-kind designs that implement sustainability into each part of their design and creation. With handmade construction and eco-friendly materials, you can be confident that our bespoke lounge chairs provide sophistication and style. 

How to Improve Your Lounge Interior With Wooden Lounge Chairs

A lounge area is one of the most used areas of any home, offering a communal, relaxing space for your family and guests to gather. Therefore, selecting furniture that makes the time spent in this room more enjoyable is essential, especially regarding the seating arrangements.

Wooden lounge chairs are ideal for creating a comfortable and spacious seating area that can be casualized or made more formal, depending on the occasion. As wooden lounge chairs come in beautiful neutral, warm shades with striking wood textures, you can inject a rustic, bohemian style into your lounge that adds visual interest.

Our Frida Lounge Chair is the perfect style you can incorporate with various interiors, providing an elegant addition to your lounge area. Its comfortable finish ensures it works as a functional seat, while our handmade design delivers a beautiful sight oozing with Indonesian culture. 

Pair your wooden lounge chairs with other wooden furniture to encapsulate a relaxing lounge style that transports your guests to a blissful environment, with neutral tones and natural materials that work harmoniously together.

Where to Find Sustainable Wooden Lounge Chairs

Wooden furniture is a sure way to establish character in your home, but ensuring the furniture you buy is eco-friendly is just as important as achieving your favored aesthetic. At Mojo Boutique, we implement sustainability in each part of our creative process, collaborating with local artisan communities in Indonesia.

We know each of our craftspeople by name, ensuring we thoroughly understand how our designs are brought to life through traditional weaving techniques. We don't work with any third-party's that take a cut from our artisans, ensuring we directly support the community and fair workers' rights.

Many of our materials are upcycled, with our wooden chairs featuring teak wood for their legs and structures. The great thing about teak wood is that it gets better as it ages, so the fact we use upcycled wood ensures you're receiving a design richer in color, with deep honey tones and knots running through the material.

For the parts of our designs not using upcycled materials, we ensure we work with harvesters that use sustainable practices. Rattan is another primary material used in our lounge chairs, where lianas are cut at a certain length to guarantee they can resprout, and our process doesn't have negative environmental impacts. 


Are wooden chairs better for lounging?

Wooden chairs are excellent investments for a lounge area due to their durability and longevity; they can last years when looked after properly. Designs featuring softer types of wood, such as rattan, provide a comfy and supportive seat that pairs well with cushioning. 

Is rattan a good material for chairs?

Natural rattan is a strong material that provides excellent durability and can hold large amounts of weight efficiently. Rattan can be used for indoor and outdoor furniture, ensuring consumers can get a lot of use out of their furniture with different seasonal usage.


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