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Dining Lounge Chair

Gathering with loved ones to enjoy a communal meal is a sacred practice which has occurred for centuries. At Mojo Boutique, we understand the importance of eating with friends and family, and recognize that the furniture we use during mealtime plays a significant role in our dining experience.

To ensure you can completely surrender to these sacred moments, we have mindfully designed a delectable range of bohemian chic dining lounge chairs which are perfect for eating and relaxing in. 

How Can Boho Dining Lounge Chairs Compliment Your Home’s Interior?

Our dining lounge chairs are crafted using natural materials to gracefully elevate your home's interior and connect you with the beauty of nature. We channel both purist and contemporary boho design throughout all of our items, to ensure you receive a timelessly stunning piece which harmoniously fits into any interior style.

Each chair in our collection is crafted from rattan and upcycled wood. To preserve the organic beauty of each piece, we refrain from using any artificial colorants and curing agents. This additionally ensures you receive a dining lounge chair that is free from dangerous toxins. 

To ensure a sleek finish of our dining lounge chairs we use raw coconut oil, which provides each piece with a show-stopping, earthy glow.

Because the materials we use are unrefined, our items emanate a rustic, yet sleek, bohemian aesthetic which undoubtedly brings warmth and coziness to any interior space. 

Our gifted artisans additionally incorporate traditional rattan handweaving practices when creating many of our chairs. This brings forth intricate textures which invite unique character and charm into your home. Our Delal Lounge Chair is an excellent example of our craftspeople's remarkable handweaving artistry. 

How Can a Dining Lounge Chair Be Sustainable? 

Sustainability is at the heart of Mojo Boutique. We are endlessly passionate about preserving our Earth’s natural environment and supporting the livelihood of our talented makers. From consciously sourced materials to plastic-free packaging, we adhere to eco-friendly practices throughout every stage of production. 

We understand that certain actions, such as shipping our items, may release CO2 into the atmosphere. To effectively compensate for any emissions, we have teamed up with South Pole to support various environmental projects, including River Hydro Power in Indonesia, Safe Water Supply in Rwanda, and Solar Energy in Thailand. 

As part of our active support, we also plant trees with every order completed, to help improve the conditions of our natural world. 

How To Style Your Dining Lounge Chair

Because our dining lounge chairs come in a variety of neutral, earthy tones they pair delightfully with all colors. If you wish to spruce up your chairs, you can add a soft throw blanket, or perhaps, a statement cushion to create a cozy and tranquil space. 

When arranging your dining lounge chair, we recommend selecting a symmetrical arrangement that enables you to easily see your loved ones. This will encourage you to converse and connect with friends and family, so you can create new special memories. 


Why Are Dining Lounge Chairs Popular? 

Dining lounge chairs are designed to be exceptionally comfortable, so you may soak up comfort while enjoying your meal. This appeals to people as it enables both restoration and nourishment to occur simultaneously. Another reason why dining lounge chairs are popular is because they make terrific accent pieces which can lighten up a dull corner and elevate your home’s interior. 

How Much Clearance Do I Need Behind My Dining Lounge Chair?  

Eating in a cramped dining area can disrupt comfort for yourself and your guests. To avoid anyone from knocking elbows with each other, we recommend allowing at least 24” between chairs, and around 36” between your chairs and the walls.

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Dining Chair and a Dining Lounge Chair? 

Dining lounge chairs have greater versatility than a standard dining chair. They often double up as accent pieces and can be used for both dining and relaxing. They also feature more support than regular dining chairs, such as cushioning, arm-rests, and ergonomic back-rests. 


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