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Hanging Chair

Imagine yourself curled up in a cozy hanging chair, gently swaying as you get lost in your favorite book. These incredible statement pieces make the perfect place to relax and unwind, styled with comfortable throws and plush pillows for that extra level of luxury. 

Our bespoke rattan hanging chairs provide the ultimate peaceful hideaway with stunning natural aesthetics that bring out the Boho vibes in your decor. Enjoy the soothing movements of rocking slowly back and forth in an expertly crafted light wooden chair. 

Are Rattan Hanging Chairs Safe To Use Indoors?

Our upcycled hanging chairs are safe to use indoors, so long as you have the correct ceiling fixtures that can hold the weight of a grown person and the chair itself. To ensure the safety of your chair and prevent damage to your ceiling, you could seek professional advice to find a suitable place in your home to install your bespoke hanging chair. 

Our chairs made from sustainably sourced materials provide a sturdy, comfortable frame to sit on. Rattan is a robust resource that can withstand normal wear and tear and is used to create a functional hanging chair that soothes the mind and body. Purchase a beautiful hanging chair built by skillful artisans who know their trade inside and out.

Are Wooden Hanging Chairs Comfortable? 

The peaceful rocking motion of hanging chairs makes them remarkably comfortable pieces of furniture. The woven features on each chair cradle the body and provide a cozy place to curl up and unwind after a stressful day. Spend a blissful afternoon lounging on our bespoke hanging chairs and add a magnificent natural statement piece to your home decor

Our handmade hanging chairs also make the ideal decorative seating for outdoor areas. Set up your chair on your porch or a sturdy tree branch to enjoy the natural elements and a calming breeze from a comfortable chair that embraces the body. Equip your beautifully designed hanging chair with soft cushions for the perfect reading nook, outdoor seating area, or to relax with a cup of tea.

Hanging chairs offer a unique decorative intrigue that is enhanced by the originality of our handmade designs. When purchasing a soothing upcycled hanging chair from Mojo Boutique, you will receive an original product that is uniquely yours. By using sustainable and recycled materials, we can produce individualistic pieces that each have a different story to tell. 

How To Find Indoor Rattan Hanging Chairs

Find the perfect indoor hanging chair on the Mojo Boutique website to enhance Boho and vintage decor and bring a distinctive element of design to any room. These creative pieces are relative to minimalist, Scandinavian-style interiors and provide both visual and practical uses. 

Defy gravity by floating in an air of peaceful solitude with our natural hanging chairs. Perfect for bedroom and living room interiors, our selection of personalized hanging chairs is sure to become the highlight of any room you put them in! Alternatively, you can create the ideal space for open-air relaxation by placing your hanging chair in a suitable place outdoors. 

Buy sustainable hanging chairs made from all-natural and eco-friendly materials. Preserving nature and natural resources lies at the forefront of our minds at Mojo Boutique. With every order placed on our website, a tree is planted in Indonesia to enhance preservation efforts. 


How Much Space Do You Need For A Hanging Chair?

Our wooden hanging chairs don’t take up much space but require an area that allows you to sway gently backward and forward to get the full effect of the chair. Making your hanging chair a solitary furniture piece will prevent you from knocking on other objects nearby. 

Can You Put A Hanging Chair In A Bedroom?

The bedroom is an ideal location to install our gorgeous rattan hanging chairs. Create a dreamy, fairy-tale ambiance in your bedroom with wooden hanging chairs that exude calming energy. Our hanging chairs also make the perfect accent piece for your living room or outdoor patio.


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