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Equip your bedroom with the unique characteristics of handwoven rattan headboards that will elevate your interior with majestic elegance. Invest in a durable headboard that can withstand daily wear and tear, made to the highest quality by expert craftspeople. Despite the wooden nature of our headboards, they do not lack comfort. Our natural headboards exude peace and relaxation, making your bedroom a tranquil space to rest. Upgrade your bedroom’s aesthetics by adding a timeless Boho headboard to your decor.

How To Choose Sustainable Headboards

Mojo Boutique offers non-toxic and eco-friendly headboards in a range of intricate designs and styles. Finding the perfect sustainable furnishing solution can protect the ecosystem and preserve natural resources for generations to come. We have an effective holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint. We use naturally sourced materials and better the local economy by working directly with Indonesian craftspeople who use recycled resources to supply beautiful furniture pieces to your home. 

Our sustainably sourced materials are all-natural and regenerating, preventing any negative effects on the environment. Naturally regenerating rattan is a robust material used to create high-quality and visually appealing furniture. Our rattan headboards have a unique artistic flair that adds personality to your room. With warm earthy tones, these natural headboards have a Boho quality that will enhance the peaceful ambiance in your bedroom. 

By investing in sustainable bedroom furniture like our upcycled headboards, you can contribute to bettering the environment. Showing support to environmentally conscious businesses like Mojo Boutique lowers the number of harmful toxins needed to manufacture commercial products and protect natural resources. Handmade, sustainable products not only better the environment, but are also made to a higher standard, giving you quality over quantity.

How To Choose A Rattan Headboard That Works With Any Bedframe

Rattan is a versatile resource that can be woven into many shapes and sizes to create a dreamy, natural atmosphere through stunning furniture. Our rattan and sustainable wooden headboards are ideal for any style of decor, whether you want elegant simplicity or extravagant flamboyance. 

Our selection of beautifully crafted personalized headboards works with any bed frame that is size compatible. They are easy to set up and put into position by placing the headboard between your bed frame and the wall. Alternatively, you can secure your rattan headboard using a hook that is included with each product. Assemble your headboard with ease and enjoy the natural characteristics of our handmade furniture. 

Affordable Bespoke Headboards To Elevate Your Bedroom

Wake up in a gorgeous rattan bed that exudes light, beachy Boho aesthetics to start off each day on a positive. Our pricing is based on the sustainability and quality of each product. Furniture items are crafted by hand, with vast amounts of time, love, and energy put into each piece to provide beautiful furniture for your home. Buy our stunning bespoke headboards online and receive an artistic piece of furniture that is long-lasting and durable.

All products sold at Mojo Boutique support fair trade and excellent working conditions for the artisans who work hard to provide stunning pieces for your home decor. We sell our personalized headboards at a fair price without compromising on ethics and sustainability. Receive individualistic headboards that create a beautiful vintage Boho aesthetic for your bedroom at an affordable price.


Does The Headboard Need To Match The Bedframe?

Your headboard does not need to match your bedframe. We offer stylish headboards that match any interior, with intricate rattan designs and natural wooden textures. Our handmade headboards are unique pieces that make a statement in any bedroom. 

How Do You Choose The Right Headboard?

Find gorgeous and sustainable headboards on the Mojo Boutique website that bring a flair of Boho-chic to any interior. Perfect for any size-compatible bedframe, our headboards are the best choice for light, natural furnishings.


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