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Kitchen Board

Kitchen boards are a staple in every home for prepping meals and keeping your surfaces safe from scratches. Enjoy our exquisite range of wooden kitchen boards for a delightful cooking experience amongst intricate natural textures. Bring a gorgeous country aesthetic to your kitchen using our handmade kitchen boards. These pieces are easy to clean and care for, providing you with a durable kitchen tool that you can rely on. 

Why Should You Purchase Our Wooden Kitchen Boards?

Prepare your daily meals on a gorgeous wooden kitchen board that adds a comforting rustic touch to your interior. Enjoy using this quality tool every day and inject life into your kitchen with rustic farmhouse aesthetics. Made from high-quality materials, our personalized kitchen boards are durable and can withstand daily usage. Our kitchen board will inspire new creations, and help you prepare every meal. 

Display your handmade kitchen board on your countertops to bring a comforting country feel to your interior. The warm tones and intricate textures of the wood bring a comforting atmosphere and make your kitchen cozy and inviting. Traditional wooden kitchen boards are a timeless household favorite and are the perfect accessory that holds both practicality and appealing Boho aesthetics. 

The unique characteristics of the wood ensure a truly unique product as each piece is made individually using upcycled materials. Enjoy using a kitchen board that is uniquely yours and invest in a product you can cherish for a long time to come. 

How Do You Wash Our Natural Kitchen Boards?

Our natural kitchen boards are sturdy and durable, but still need basic care to ensure their longevity. The best way to wash your kitchen board is with a damp rag and diluted dish soap. Gently scrub your kitchen board after each use to keep it sanitary and safe for food prep. 

Since our kitchen boards are made from quality wood, we do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher. By doing this, you run the risk of drying out the wood, causing splinters and other unwanted damages. Caring for your kitchen board will allow you to use the product to its full potential. Enjoy using your wooden kitchen board with easy cleaning care and purchase a quality kitchen tool that will last for many years. 

Wooden kitchen boards are effortlessly cared for and are used by both home cooks and professionals alike! Our sustainable kitchen boards are hygienic to use and bring a visually pleasing quality to your cooking experience. 

Where Can You Find Eco-Friendly Kitchen Boards?

Mojo Boutique offers a unique range of sustainable kitchen boards. Each piece is made from upcycled wood gathered from old furniture and run-down buildings. Our talented artisans can breathe new life into discarded resources for you to place lovingly within your home. By recycling materials, we can help preserve the environment by using resources that are already there instead of gathering more and harming the natural world. 

We upcycle wood that ages well and use a natural process in repurposing the material to use for our furniture. The unique patterns in our wooden furniture become more refined with age, bringing individuality to every piece. Receive bespoke items that are handmade with love and make mindful choices for our environment when purchasing furniture with Mojo Boutique.


Are Wooden Kitchen Boards Hygienic?

Yes! Our kitchen boards are incredibly simple to clean, keeping your board safe for daily use. Wooden kitchen boards are better at resisting bacteria, helping to keep your food free from contamination. Wash your kitchen board after every use to ensure the best hygiene and avoid any harmful germs. 

Can You Use Your Natural Kitchen Board Decoratively?

Our rustic kitchen boards have a natural appeal and look beautiful as decorative tools for your kitchen. Place our kitchen boards amongst natural rattan textures for a stunning Boho aesthetic. Alternatively, you can use your bespoke kitchen board as a gorgeous surface to serve a vibrant antipasto platter or a selection of bread for guests to admire.


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