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Living Room Lamps

It’s common for homeowners to focus on more significant pieces of furniture and how they can elevate the style of a room, but lampshades and light placements can greatly affect how your space looks, bringing style, light, and elegance to your home.

Living rooms are a crucial place for lamps and lighting, as you’ll be spending a lot of time socializing and relaxing in this space. Therefore, choosing a suitable lampshade that elevates your room and brings your interiors to life is essential and will make your living area even more inviting. 

How to Choose a Living Room Lamp 

Choosing a lamp that fits in well with your living room interiors can be tricky, especially if you’re looking for something that stands out without demanding too much attention. Depending on the style of your home, there are many routes you could take regarding the lampshade you choose.

Our Intricate Rattan Lampshade is elegant and unique, offering the perfect addition to traditional and modern boho living rooms. The handwoven design features delicate rattan textures that add alluring energy to your space, acting as a centerpiece while not being over the top. Our creation was designed by highly skilled artisans and is a great way to add visual interest to your living room. 

Or, if your goal is for your lampshade to take your interior to new heights, choose a design that incorporates unique shapes and intriguing techniques to achieve this. Our Handmade Wooden Light features different sizes of rings made of sustainable rattan to showcase an individualistic and artistic creation that can suit minimalistic and retro living rooms. 

How to Style Your Living Room Lamp

Your living room lighting should light up your space and help to create a harmonious atmosphere that facilitates your room’s transition from day to night flawlessly. The most practical placement for a living room light is in the center, as this way, the lighting point will be strongest in the middle of your room in contrast to the darker corners and walls. 

Playing with natural and artificial light can help ensure your room has an appealing mixture of lightness and darkness. Still, it is generally best to display your lamp in the middle of your room for functional reasons, adding smaller lamps and lights to corners and other poignant areas to set the mood and create a cozy effect.

Where to Find Sustainable Living Room Lamps

Achieving your dream home shouldn’t need to put the environment at risk, and we sustainably source and create all of our furniture with the help of talented Indonesian artisans. 

As our materials and sustainably sourced, each piece of furniture and lampshade is unique, with handmade techniques implementing love and culture into the final design. Our lampshades are designed by hand, with generational techniques ensuring each intricately placed material is high-quality and looks exceptional.


Is Living Room Lamps Worth Investing in?

While you can leave your living room lamp bare, adding a lampshade ensures your room looks complete and can take your style to the next level. A lightbulb has no aesthetic benefit, but a lampshade can help bring everything together and create a more impactful lighting display.

Can You Make a Living Room Lamp a Statement? 

Although many homeowners stick with simplistic lamp designs, making a statement with your lamp is possible. With boho and minimalist aesthetics, wooden features and intricate handmade lampshades are perfect and can be the statement piece of your entire room. 


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