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Living Room Storage Trunk & Shelves

Placing a storage trunk in your living room is a great way to improve your storage levels while not eating away at how spacious your living room is. One of the essential elements of selecting furniture for a living room is ensuring you have ample seating; a storage trunk can add to this. 

Using your trunk to store items is excellent, but using furniture for multiple reasons will ensure you optimize your space and get the most out of your purchases. Our storage trunks are made from sustainable wood, providing a stylish trunk that you can get creative with when including it in your interiors due to its neutral base.

How to Incorporate Storage Trunks Into Your Living Room

Our Wooden Storage Trunk and Bench is multi-functional, allowing you to tuck it into the corner of the room or place it along your other seating furniture to provide another place to sit. Thanks to its elegant wooden design, you can be confident that your trunk will seamlessly fit in with your furniture, adding a relaxed, boho vibe to your living room.

If you’re interested in turning your living room into a relaxed haven, adding neutral-colored throws and comforting items, such as pillows on top of your storage trunk, will allow you to do this with little effort. 

Our storage trunks are designed to hold the average person’s body weight, so you can have peace of mind that your trunk will be suitable for a seat. We achieve this by using durable wood that will last for years, with our skilled artisans bringing life to sustainably sourced materials that ooze character. 

Of course, only some people want their living room to have a boho vibe, and our storage trunks can fit with other aesthetics due to their neutral bases that can be styled up or down. 

How to Bring Functionality Into Your Living Room With a Storage Trunk 

While storage trunks can look great, their main purpose is to be practical and provide extra space to store items you don’t want to be on show. A high-quality storage trunk will last you years and will have the capabilities to hold items of various sizes and weights.

Our Handmade Wooden Storage Trunk features an endearing design with a curved lid and handwoven rattan, which looks beautiful paired with multiple interiors, particularly minimalist and modern styles. With a width of 19.7” and a height of 23.6”, our trunk is large enough to make a statement while also being practical to fit into tight corners.

Functional furniture items don’t need to look dull, and our designs ensure you can introduce practical room for storage without worrying about ruining your interior aesthetic. Woven rattan is a light and simplistic style, and we use sustainably sourced wood that ensures each furniture piece we create is unique and stands out. 


Can You Use a Storage Trunk as a Seat?

Durable storage trunks are the perfect solution for having ample seating in your living room without investing in another sofa. Instead, you can place comfortable items such as cushions and blankets on top of the trunk and transform it into a relaxing place to sit.

Do Storage Trunks Look Right in a Living Room?

Despite the functional nature of a storage trunk, they can look great when incorporated into a living room. Wooden trunks are perfect for creating a relaxing, bohemian vibe while offering a practical place to store items and keep your space tidy. 


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