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Lounge Chair

Our wooden lounge chair collection provides an eco-friendly way to style your lounge. Our entire range is sustainably crafted with recycled and natural wooden materials, delivering outstanding results for the environment and our customers. With a range of simplistic and intricate designs, our wooden lounge chair collection gives you seating options regardless of your aesthetic. Investing in a wooden lounge chair will leverage your style while contributing to a more sustainable way of furnishing. 

How Our Lounge Chairs Improve Your Space

The great thing about lounge chairs is that they can fit in the majority of rooms in your house. Our lounge chairs have been crafted from recycled and natural wood, so they are bound to add character to whichever room you choose to place them. Additionally, many of our designs are suitable for indoor and outdoor areas, offering you a versatile style to move around through the seasons. 

Many of our lounge chairs are made from rattan, a durable and pristine wood that grows quicker than tropical wood and can help us to maintain forests. Regarding rattan chairs, their appearance provides both a contemporary and rustic feeling, giving you room to make your home a little bit chicer when buying one. 

Aside from our advice to keep our chairs covered in the rain to prevent damage, our lounge chairs are long-lasting and will provide an enticing place to sit for years to come when looked after correctly. 

Some of the lounge chairs in our collection are designed from upcycled teak wood, which is a sure way to add depth and variation to a living space. Teak wood is an adaptable wood that gets better with age due to the natural oil it retains, which in turn makes the wood deepen its reddish-brown color, as well as its knots and veins, creating a unique, rich, and eye-catching appearance. 

A chair made from teak wood would be the perfect addition to any room with retro and vintage interiors, as the rich brown shade of the wood will harmoniously complement shades of orange, blue, and any other colors with deep undertones. 

Our lounge chairs are versatile and will flatter any room they enter due to their unique designs and materials. If you don’t yet have a style in your house and want to center a room around one of our lounge chairs, we recommend opting for a minimalist boho aesthetic that will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

How To Find Rattan Lounge Chairs Online 

Mojo Boutique has a collection of lounge chairs, with many featuring designs intricately crafted from rattan. Some of our designs also use other wooden materials, such as teak wood, usually used for the chair legs and arms, to ensure the design’s structure is durable and can hold weight.

Our lounge chairs, which consist of rattan, are also sustainably made by local artisans in Indonesia. All the rattan we use is sourced in an eco-friendly way, and we work with harvesters that cut the rattan at a specific time, ensuring the rattan stems re-sprout efficiently. 

You can purchase any item from our website online, and with every order, you will be making a positive change in the world. We are dedicated to being a sustainable company and have pledged that we will plant a tree in Indonesia with every order placed. When you receive your order, you will also receive a tree certificate from Mojo Boutique, where you can put the tree in your name!


How Do You Make a Lounge Chair Look Good? 

Lounge chairs made of materials that won’t change color in the sun and are long-lasting are a great way to ensure your lounge chair will look good. Teak wood and other woods are good to choose from as they get better with age. 

Is Wood a Good Material For a Lounge Chair? 

Wood is a good material for a lounge chair if you wish to use the chair for a long time. Upcycled wood can hold more character than modernized renditions and can be incredibly durable. 


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