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Whether you want to read your favorite book, snuggle up and watch a movie, enjoy a hot beverage, or catch up with friends,our mid-century modern lounge chairs are exceptionally versatile and stylish furniture items that serve both practical and decorative purposes. 

We have curated our entire collection to embody the timeless characteristics of mid-century modern design, to ensure you can welcome an authentically elegant piece into your home. We warmly invite you to browse our charming mid-century modern lounge chair collection to find your perfect new home edition. 

The Timeless Beauty of Mid-Century Modern Design 

Mid-century modern design first surfaced in the 1950s, becoming a crazed interior aesthetic across America and Europe. 

Comprising clean geometric shapes, smooth lines, and a neutral, earthy color palette, mid-century modern is distinctively refined and organic. Since its arrival, this avante-garde aesthetic has remained widely favored by many interior designers and homeowners. 

Using naturally rich materials such as upcycled teak wood, bamboo, and rattan, we have embraced the timeless characteristics of mid-century modern design to craft our delectable range of lounge chairs, offering you the opportunity to welcome this sophisticated interior design into your abode. 

How to Style Your Mid-Century Modern Design Lounge Chair

Our mid-century modern lounge chairs evoke effortless charm and simplicity, making them perfect for any room and existing interior. If you have an empty corner you are looking to enliven, we recommend welcoming one of our pieces to transform your dull corner into a comfy hideaway. 

You can also pair two of our mid-century modern chairs with one of our coffee tables to create a conversation nook where you can catch up with loved ones, flick through your favorite magazines, or cozy up and enjoy a soothing drink. 

While our collection of mid-century modern lounge chairs include organic cotton cushioning, you can also adorn your new edition with our eco-friendly throw blankets, or perhaps add an accent cushion to further compliment your chair. 

How We Ensure our Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chairs are 100% Sustainable 

At Mojo Boutique we are endlessly passionate about conserving the purity of our planet while supporting the livelihood of our artisans and their communities. We subsequently strictly abide by a code of ethics and conscious production practices that enables us to remain 100% sustainable. 

When sourcing our materials used for creating our mid-century modern lounge chairs, we ensure every measure is taken to do so responsibly. To prevent waste we salvage old furniture pieces and upcycle their wood, such as driftwood and teakwood. This keeps materials in rotation and saves stunning materials from being scrapped. 

We also incorporate consciously grown and harvested materials, such as rattan and bamboo. This involves working closely with harvesters to ensure stems are not cut prematurely, so plants can effectively re-sprout and be harvested again in the future. 

Furthermore, to ensure we don’t pollute the environment, no harmful pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used to grow our materials, making them entirely organic and pure. 

When producing our pieces our talented team of artisans work on a made-to-order schedule. This not only provides our creators with a healthy workflow, but also ensures we don’t overproduce our furniture, as this can facilitate unnecessary waste. 

During the final stages of preparing your order, we refrain from using plastic packaging, and instead use recyclable encasement to further reduce harmful waste. We understand that shipping our pieces to your doorstep can cause CO2 emissions. 

To effectively offset our carbon footprint and give back to Mother Nature, we calculate our emissions and accordingly implement various projects to ensure we positively counterbalance any pollution we may cause. Some projects include planting one tree per order and supporting River Hydro Power in Indonesia, Solar Energy in Thailand, and Safe Water Supply in Rwanda. 


What Should I Look For in a Lounge Chair?

When choosing a lounge chair for your home, the first thing to consider is how much available space you have. Taking measurements of the area you intend on introducing your new edition to will enable you to determine whether the item you are interested in will fit. Our collection of mid-century modern lounge chairs aren’t just stylistically versatile, but also come in a variety of exclusively designed silhouettes, so you can find your perfect match!

What is the Difference Between Art-Deco and Mid-Century Modern Design?

While bold clean lines are a staple characteristic of both art-deco and mid-century modern design, they do have some key features which set them apart. Art-deco has more zig-zag and chevron lines and motifs, while mid-century modern lines tend to be less complex and significantly more minimal. 

What is the Difference Between a Lounge Chair and a Regular Chair?

Normal chairs often feature an upright back without armrests and sometimes without cushioning. Unlike other chairs, a lounge chair is specifically designed to swaddle you in comfort by supporting your lumbar region and arms.


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