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Invite the timelessly classic grandeur of mid-century modern interior with our delectable range of mid-century nightstands. Each item in our collection is sustainably and ethically handcrafted in the heart of Indonesia by our expert artisans, to ensure you receive a timeless piece that will sit by your bed for a lifetime. 

Our mid-century nightstands aren’t just beautiful and long-lasting, they are also exceptionally functional. Whether you wish to safely store your jewelry, decorate with ornaments and candles, show off your favorite plants, or simply wish to declutter your room, our nightstands can serve a multitude of useful purposes. 

If you are looking to furnish your bedroom, we welcome you to explore our gorgeous selection of mid-century nightstands. 

What is Mid-Century Modern Interior? 

Mid-century modern design is believed to have originated in America during the twentieth century. This interior aesthetic is most celebrated for its sophisticated appearance, comprising clean, sharp lines, organic tones, and functionality. 

There are many unique characteristics which combine to create the mid-century look, including minimalism, a combination of organic materials, and neutral tones.

Minimalism contributes to the contemporary and polished appearance of mid-century furniture. We adopt minimalism when designing the silhouettes for our nightstand collection to ensure each piece is beautifully uncomplicated and pure. This creates a clean appearance which will make your bedroom appear incredibly sleek and charming. 

The warm neutral hues which radiate from the organic materials used to craft mid-century furniture, such as wood, create an earthy yet refined statement. Our mid-century nightstands consist of various rich woody tones from materials such as teakwood, making each piece a functional accent that will elegantly spruce up your bedroom’s interior. 

How to Use Your Mid-Century Nightstand

Our mid-century nightstand collection comprises various exclusively designed silhouettes which have their own unique functions. From decorative purposes to storage solutions, there’s a multitude of ways that our bespoke mid-century nightstands can gracefully serve your bedroom.

Our nightstands are perfect for storing your bedtime and morning essentials, such as your alarm clock, smart devices, favorite books, water bottles, and so forth. You may also choose to use your nightstand as a vessel to safely store your prized possessions, such as your jewelry. 

You can additionally use your nightstand to showcase your favorite decor items. You can adorn your nightstand with your most cherished moments in our handcrafted photo frames, or perhaps accompany your bedside table with some refreshing greenery using our rustic plant pots

How We Ensure Our Mid-Century Nightstands Are 100% Sustainable

At Mojo Boutique, we are fiercely passionate about preserving our Earth’s natural environment and supporting local communities. We subsequently uphold conscious and ethical practices during every phase of production. 

We cooperate closely with our beloved artisans to ensure we maintain a transparent and positive relationship with them. 

Unlike mass-produced furniture companies, Mojo Boutique adheres to a made-to-order production process. This not only provides our artisans with a manageable workflow, it also ensures that waste is minimized during the crafting process of your special order. 

To additionally reduce waste and pollution, we package our pieces using eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. We take full accountability for any CO2 which may be released into the environment when transporting our pieces to your home. 

To ensure we sufficiently offset our carbon footprint, we use EcoTransIt World to calculate how much CO2 is emitted and accordingly compensate through various exciting conservatory projects, such as planting trees with every order and supporting Solar Energy in Thailand, Safe Water Supply in Rwanda, and River Hydro Power in Indonesia. 


Is Mid-Century Modern Still in Style?

Because mid-century modern interior incorporates purist designs with earthy color palettes, it delivers a virtually timeless aesthetic which has remained in style since its emergence during the twentieth century. Today, this design practice is exceptionally popular and widely embraced by many homeowners.

Should Your Nightstand Touch Your Bed?

Your nightstand should be a few inches from your bed, to ensure you can comfortably reach for your bedtime necessities. The general rule of thumb is to allow between 2” to 4” of clearance between your bed-frame and nightstand. 

What's the Difference Between a Nightstand and a Side table?

While nightstands and side tables serve similar purposes, and in some cases, look alike, they are two different items of furniture. A nightstand is specifically designed to accompany your bed and store your bedtime essentials, whereas a side table is designed for more general use, and typically sits at the end of a sofa, on its own against a wall, or beside an accent chair. 


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