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Multifunctional Basket 

Scrupulously hand-woven by our dearly loved Indonesian female artisans, our multifunctional baskets offer a practical and stylish storage solution to help declutter your home. As part of our ongoing adherence to mother nature, we have only used sustainable and ethically sourced materials to fortify these charming baskets.

Handweaving is an ancient practice that has withstood the test of time and flowed into our modern existence. Historically, in Indonesia, the intricate enactment of handweaving has been rooted in sacred purpose, as well as holding social and aesthetic significance. 

We have inspired our entire collection upon the rich history of handweaving practices, to provide your home with a distinctively authentic piece. By owning one of these vessels, you will be intertwining the beauty of a primeval tradition into your everyday life, utilizing the work of a historical craft to seek a modern-day home solution.

Our multifunctional baskets reflect the natural resources used to create them and come in a range of earthy, neutral colors. They are designed to uphold a minimalist appearance while still maintaining a bohemian-chic aesthetic, making them perfect for any room in your home.

Are Our Multifunctional Baskets Natural?

Like all of our items at Mojo Boutique, we ethically produce our multifunctional baskets using the most resistant plants nature has to offer: banana leaves, pandan and seagrass. These materials have been tried and tested for centuries, so we can confidently assure you that your purchase will serve its purpose for many, many years!

By using natural materials our baskets are not only robust but also stunning. Their naturally warm tones quintessentially reflect the soothing essence of nature, making these baskets a wonderful addition to your home. 

To maintain our ethos of conscious consumerism, we have only used upcycled and recycled, raw materials, ensuring your item is completely free from harmful chemicals, and 100% eco-friendly. 

How To Use Your Multifunctional Basket

Our multifunctional baskets are both sturdy and tasteful in appearance, ensuring they effectively serve both decorativeness and practicality. They make exceptional plant pots, laundry bins, and storage devices to help declutter your home. The way you decide to use your vessel is completely up to your imagination. 

Every multifunctional basket has been thoughtfully designed, so we can promise that your item can withstand any utilization, making it a pragmatic home accessory. 


Can I Wash My Multifunctional Basket Wet?

It is best to avoid getting your basket wet, as this can cause it to warp and disrupt its overall shape. If your multifunctional basket needs cleaning, simply use a wet cloth to remove dirt and then gently wipe it dry with a towel. 

We recommend using a microfiber towel to ensure a gentle touch.

How Long Can A Multifunctional Basket Last?

The life expectancy of our multifunctional baskets can vary on how you decide to use your basket, and how well you look after it. Thanks to the hard work of our craftswomen, you can expect these baskets to last an indefinite lifetime, so long as you keep it indoors and care for it correctly. 



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